Chamber Social Media Bootcamp – Developing a Social Media Strategy

Alas!  I was not able to attend the fourth course on Social Media Strategy, but Billy Fischer was kind enough to upload the slides into Slideshare.  I got some value out of it, so I wanted  to share it with my blog readers.  As you may know, the first Chamber Social Media Bootcamp was held every Thursday morning last month, covering Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and overall strategy. The instructor was Billy Fischer, the Business Development + Social Media guy at Oxiem, a local web marketing company. We averaged around 45 participants.

The course was great.  Billy was extremely responsive, current, and the slides themselves were really illustrative.  This was a great benefit for Chamber members, as only Chamber members were allowed to attend.  And it was free for our members.  Enjoy the slides.

>> Greater Springfield Chamber –,
>> Oxiem –
>> Billy Fischer –
>> Springfield Museum of Art (location) –
>> Panera Bread (sponsor) –


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  1. David –

    Thank you for the great opportunity to talk with the Springfield Chamber members about social media. It was a ton of fun. I’m excited to see what happens from here and how the members embrace social media. Thanks again!


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