CIC to build new school transportation facility – Architect RFQ – due 5/14

Download .pdf of the following RFQ here.


The Community Improvement Corporation of Springfield-Clark County, Ohio (the “CIC”), an Ohio non-profit corporation, hereby gives notice of its intent to contract for professional design services in connection with the design and construction of a new transportation facility.  The CIC and the design professional will define the work to be accomplished and establish a detailed schedule for the completion of the anticipated tasks, which may be phased to address both immediate and long-term needs.  Required design services include planning, design, and construction administration of any improvements to be constructed.  The CIC invites parties interested in providing design services for the Project to submit statements of qualifications and proposals for consideration by the CIC.

Statements of qualifications and proposals will be reviewed and a design professional firm selected in accordance with Sections 153.65 to 153.71 of the Ohio Revised Code.  The CIC will select a firm to provide the required services based upon the statements of qualification and proposals received and the availability of the firm determined most qualified to provide the required services within the CIC’s timelines for completion.  The construction of the new transportation facility is for the use and benefit of the Springfield City School District which shall be considered a third-party beneficiary of the CIC-Design Professional Contract Documents and all warranties.

Statements of Qualification

Statements of qualifications should include the following:

  1. Information regarding the firm’s history;
  2. Education, technical training, and experience of owner(s) and key personnel;
  3. The firm’s experience in designing substantially similar projects in Ohio – ie., design and construction of transportation facilities, and its experience with Ohio School Facilities Commission programs;
  4. The firm’s experience with design and construction of green buildings, including whether its staff or consultants have Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (“LEED”) certification and specific experience with school facilities incorporating energy and environmental concepts;
  5. Ability of the firm to complete the Project on the time-line proposed, including availability of the firm’s staff and other equipment and resources to achieve completion of the Project on the time-line proposed; to assist the evaluation of the firm’s staff and resource availability, include a list of all current design and construction projects, including projects for which the firm has submitted statements of qualification and is being considered to provide design services and the status of each (i.e., include what if any impact these projects would have on the firm’s ability to complete the Project on the time-line proposed.);
  6. The firm’s staff and facilities, including consultants proposed for use;
  7. Past performance as reflected in evaluations of previous and current clients with respect to factors such as control of costs, quality of work, and meeting deadlines.

The firm should include a list of four (4) relevant projects involving similar work, which the firm has designed during the past five years.   The following information should be included for each project:

    • Project owner, name of project and location;
    • Brief description of the project;
    • Year completed or anticipated completion date;
    • Construction cost;
    • Other relevant information about the project and the firm’s services;
    • Reference contact person and phone number;
  1. The firm’s past experience with the CIC or the Springfield City School District, if any; and
  2. The ability of the individuals identified by the firm who will be responsible for the document production and communication with the CIC during the Project.

Proposal for the Project

In addition to the qualifications and information listed above, the firm’s proposal should include the following:

  1. Identification of the partner in charge of the Project and the Project Architect, as well as any other personnel assigned to the Project, together with the education, training, and experience of these individuals, to the extent it has not been provided in the firm’s statement of qualifications.
  2. Description of the steps the firm will take to coordinate design and work on the Project with the CIC with respect to scheduling the Project, maintaining the construction schedule, and close-out of each stage of the Project.
  3. The firm’s practices with respect to site visits and oversight of the Project.
  4. Proposed internal timeline for completion of the Project and the various services to be provided by the firm for pre-construction (programming and design), construction, and close-out phases of the Project.
  5. Explain the firm’s experience, approach and specific expertise in planning for the use of energy and environmental design for the maintenance and operation of the Project.
  6. Provide specific information on project budget development and the firm’s experience over the past 5 years with preparing project estimates for project and construction costs.
  7. List up to a maximum of four (4) specific and unique qualifiers that set your firm apart from others as it relates to CIC’s project.

As required by the Ohio Revised Code Sections 153.65 through 153.71, firms submitting statements of qualifications and proposals for the available contract will be evaluated and ranked in order of qualifications.  Following this evaluation, the CIC may ask the firms determined to be most qualified to meet with the CIC’s selection committee and present the firm’s qualifications and proposals with respect to the Project.

Upon the CIC’s selection of the firm determined to be the best qualified to provide the requested design services for the Project, the CIC will enter into contract negotiations with this firm.

The CIC wishes to select a design professional as soon as possible, to begin working immediately with the CIC’s representative(s).  Design professionals wishing to submit a statement of qualifications and proposal for the Project must do so in writing before 5:00 p.m. local time, on May 14, 2010.  Please submit six (6) copies of the statement of qualification and proposal to:

David R. Zak

Vice-President for Economic Development

Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce

20 S. Limestone St. , Suite 100

Springfield, OH  45502

Ph: (937) 325-7621

Any questions concerning the Project should be directed to:

Alvin D. Wansing, P.E.

Asst. Manager

Champion City Consulting, LLC

2605 Rebecca Drive

Springfield, OH  45503

Ph: (937) 631-1309


The “hats” speech – Springfield area job growth – parts 1 (mfg) + 2 (military)

Clark County Commissioner John Detrick visited the residents of Grand Court Senior Living facility in Springfield, Ohio on March 23 to give his famous “Hats of Springfield” presentation about job growth in Clark County. This video is split into six parts. Here are parts 1 and 2:

Part 1: Manufacturing

Part 2: Military

About John Detrick
John Detrick is a graduate of Tecumseh High School and Wittenberg University with a Bachelor of Science degree in education.  Prior to his first election as County Commissioner in 1996, he was the owner/manager of Springfield Tire and Battery from 1970 to 1997 when the business was sold.  At its peak the business operated five outlets and had 65 employees.  Before he began working in the family business he taught at South High School and Mechanicsburg High School.  John is involved in numerous community affairs including several service organizations and St. John’s Lutheran Church.  John is the husband of Karen, the father of two grown children Dan Detrick and Kim Whitley, and grandfather of five.

John is currently serving as representative on the Farmland Preservation Advisory Board for the State of Ohio and also served on the State Board for Bike Trails for the State of Ohio. John is also involved in Junior Achievement and has helped with numerous membership fundraisers and drives. John participated in acquiring the Springview Government Center from the State of Ohio, a 91,000 square foot facility on 17 acres for $1.00.

He strongly encourages economic development in Clark County.  He is a member of the CIC Board and continually works with the Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce. John is also affiliated with Otto Paintz which is managed by his son Dan Detrick.  He is involved in some property management. John has been involved in attracting employers such as Red Roof Inn, Assurant Group, Ritchie Brothers, MEVA, and HEF.

>> Clark County Commission Web site

How to apply for a job with Code Blue

Application Process for CodeBlue

The WorkPlus One-Stop Center will facilitate the application process for CodeBlue.

CodeBlue, a division of Insurance Claims Management (ICM), has finalized plans to expand its operation to Springfield with the expectation of employing 300 people in downtown within five years.  Recruitment of employees in a number of job titles has already begun. The $3.2 million command center is expected to employ 25 immediately and 150 by the end of 2011. Job interviews are underway.

CodeBlue, LLC specializes in innovative property claims management solutions. The company is headquartered in Eau Claire, WI where it operates a 24×7×365 customer service center that supports a wide base of insurance clients and manages nearly one million phone calls annually on behalf of its carrier customers.

Interested candidates are required to:

1. Register
To be considered for employment with CodeBlue, you must first register with the WorkPlus One-Stop Center located at 1345 Lagonda Avenue, Springfield, Ohio (hours of operation are from 8 a.m.  to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday).

2. Attend an informational workshop
Weekly workshops are offered at the WorkPlus Center on Thursdays, 12:00 to 1:00 p.m. or 6:00 to 7:00 p.m., the last Thursday of the month.

3. Pre-employment Assessments
All candidates must complete the pre-employment assessments prior to submitting an application to CodeBlue. Assessments will be administered in the computer lab at the one-stop center on Wednesdays from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., or from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. the second Wednesday of the month.

CodeBlue will schedule interviews with candidates who meet their employment requirements. Employees with previous work experience in the construction or insurance industries are especially encouraged to apply.

Please contact Barbarba Carpenter, Recruitment Specialist,  at (937) 327-1771 to  reserve your seat for the informational workshop.

About WorkPlus

The WorkPlus One-Stop Center is building the foundation for a successful economic future: a skilled workforce. In partnership with local government and private organizations, the one-stop center serves as Clark County’s central hub for employment and resources by offering a full spectrum of job and workforce development services.  WorkPlus helps job seekers prepare for rewarding employment opportunities and helps employers find the qualified employees they need to succeed in a changing economy.

The One-Stop Center of Clark County is part of the WorkPlus regional system serving Champaign, Clark, Logan, Madison and Union county residents.   Services are made possible by the U.S. Department of Labor, County Commissioners and the Department of Job and Family Services.

>> CodeBlue Web site

>> WorkPlus Web site

>> Apply for other Springfield jobs

Code Blue Press Conference – 2/26/2010 – Video

CodeBlue Header

Video excerpts of the HSG Code Blue Press Conference on 2/26/2010 announcing 300+ jobs going to downtown Springfield.  To see pictures and read the press release,  click on this link.  Speakers included Governor Ted Strickland, Director of the Ohio Dept. of Development Lisa Patt-McDaniel, Dayton Development Coalition President & CEO Jim Leftwich, Springfield Mayor Warren Copeland, State Representatives Bob Hackett and Ross McGregor, State Senator Chris Widener, HSG Code Blue President & CEO Paul Gross, and Greater Springfield Chamber President Mike McDorman.

>> Press release and conference pics – 2/26/2010 (along with news articles).

Code Blue finalizes plan for expansion to Springfield

Pictures from the Code Blue Press Conference on February 26, 2010

CodeBlue, a division of Insurance Claims Management (ICM) headquartered in Eau Claire, WI, has finalized plans to expand its operation here with the expectation of employing 300 people in downtown within five years.

Recruitment of employees in a number of job titles has already begun. The $3.2 million command center is expected to employ 25 immediately and 150 by the end of 2011. Job interviews are underway.

The announcement was made Friday morning at a press event at the Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce offices attended by Ohio Governor Ted Strickland. Chamber President and CEO Mike McDorman said it was held “to celebrate a very important announcement – some good news, no some great news, for our community, our region and our state.”

The process began more than two years ago when State Senator Chris Widener called McDorman to arrange a meeting in Columbus with Gross, a Madison County resident. Widener warned that Gross had said there was only a one percent chance he would expand in Ohio.

“A large number of people worked tirelessly as one team to make the seemingly impossible, possible for (ICM President and CEO) Paul Gross and CodeBlue to say ‘yes’ to Springfield and to Ohio,” McDorman said.

Gross said the effort on the regional and state level changed his mind about locating to Ohio and Springfield.

“We are not just happy to be in Springfield but we are elated to be in Springfield because of the workforce that is available here. People ask ‘what is the single most motivating reason you chose Springfield’ and it is because of the workforce,” he said.

He said that was evidenced in the people who helped put the deal together.

“These people are truly remarkable,” he said.

Strickland emphasized the importance of the announcement.

“This is a good day for the community , this is a good day for the region, it’s a good day for the state of Ohio,” Gov. Strickland said.

“Paul thank you, because you are not only bringing jobs but you are bringing hope to his region and so we thank you for your willingness to partner with us to do this,” he said.

CodeBlue provides active management for water mitigation, contents and salvage claims on behalf of insurance carriers nationwide, and the company will initially locate at One South Fountain (Credit Life Building) with plans to eventually move into the Bushnell Building across the street. Both buildings are owned by attorney Jim Lagos.

Paul Gross, President and CEO, said their plans to expand and establish this second location in downtown Springfield are the result of tremendous growth in the company’s Auto and Property claims management services. He said the new location will create hundreds of new jobs and double the size of the company by 2012.

“Our company has thrived during the recent economic downturn, precipitating the need for expansion,” said Gross. “We have been enjoying spectacular growth over the past 12 months. Overall business is up over 50 percent and our water mitigation business has more than doubled.”

State, regional, and local support for the project were also key to landing the project in Springfield.

CodeBlue’s property claims solutions are intended to improve customer satisfaction, reduce claim cycle time and lower severity costs. A property owner with water damage calls Code Blue, which attempts to have a contractor on scene within two hours so as to limit damage.

To provide such service, CodeBlue holds contractors accountable to the IICRC S500 standard, approved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), to return a water-damaged structure to pre-loss conditions as quickly as possible.

The S500 standard, known as “The Science of Drying,” specifies how to use physical water removal, evaporation, dehumidification and temperature control to eliminate unnecessary demolition, expensive replacement of costly structural materials, and collateral damage.

CodeBlue’s water mitigation process involves extracting water from affected materials, including carpeting, drywall/sheetrock and restoring the material to pre-loss condition if treated within 48 hours.

As part of the process, CodeBlue utilizes contractors throughout the United States to provide water mitigation services on site. Its network of contractors cover every zip code in the country.

Clark State Community College is working closely with the company to provide training services, including construction of a house will be continually flooded for training purposes.

The company has advertised locally and on its Website for supervisor/team leader, public relations specialist, property claims manager, property claims representative, contract network administrator and trainer.

About CodeBlue
CodeBlue, LLC is a wholly owned division of Insurance Claims Management, Inc. that specializes in innovative property claims management solutions. The company is headquartered in Eau Claire, WI where it operates a 24x7x365 customer service center that supports a wide base of insurance clients and manages nearly one million phone calls annually on behalf of its carrier customers.

Our team of subject matter experts specializes in creating cost and customer service efficiency for high frequency, low severity claims. Each of our solutions has been created to deliver unparalleled customer service in a cost effective and efficient manner every step of the way, from the outset of the First Notice of Loss (FNOL) through final audit and payment to the vendor.

For more information visit or call (715) 830-6000.

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Last beams are raised on new $240M Springfield hospital

SRMC Topping Out Ceremony Guests look on

Dr. Muhammed, Nurse DuFrock (?), and Patient Littrell look on

Film of the Dec. 16 “topping out” ceremony, celebrating the completion of the structure for the new $240 million hospital in Springfield, scheduled to open January 2012.  Honored guest representing doctors, nurses and patients actually got to hit the button.  CEO Mark Wiener introduces the guests in the second video.

>> Springfield Regional Medical Center website

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Hospital CEO Wiener speaks at construction ceremony

SRMC CEO Mark Wiener

Here are two videos of Community Mercy Health Partners President & CEO Mark Wiener and Community Hospital Health Services Foundation Executive Director Faye Flack.  Both are speaking at the Dec. 16 “topping out” ceremony, celebrating the completion of the structure for the new $240 million hospital in Springfield, scheduled to open January 2012.  Mark takes a historical perspective of the event and Fay talks about the importance of the Foundation’s new Pavillion.

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