I want to thank many of the people who have made my job in Springfield so much fun and so enjoyable, who have struggled to make this community a better place, who have contributed financial resources to help support our mission, and who have just been great.  This post recognizes the 26 individuals, companies, and organizations who have contributed directly to the operational budget of the Community Improvement Corporation of Springfield and Clark County, Ohio.

It’s important to note that out of the 26 private and public organizations doing this kind of work in the Dayton region, we rank 22nd in terms of budget size.  We are very good stewards of the money given to us.

Diamond Supporter (over $100,000 per year)

Clark County, Ohio Seal

1. Our biggest funders, by far, in a class by themselves, is Clark County goverment, led by The Clark County Commissioners.  Big appreciation to John Detrick (the biggest cheerleader this county ever had); Dave Hartley (passionate about helping those in need and fiscal responsibility); and Roger Tackett (who’s  an inspiration to all of us).  Without their support, economic development throughout Clark County would not happen.  Also, a big thank-you to Darrell Howard and Nathan Kennedy, County Administrators, for supporting our efforts county-wide.  And, it would be inappropriate to forget Bob Suver, Geoff Steele, and Lehan Peters of the the Clark County Department of Job & Family Services, who fund the Director of Hiring and Employer Services Position at the Chamber.

Emerald Supporters ($25,000 or more)

2. John Landess of the Turner Foundation, who came back home to lend his time and talent to make Springfield a top-tier community. His contributions and those of the foundation will be the subject of a future post.

3. Jim Lagos of Lagos & Lagos, all-around Springfield benefactor, developer; passionate about this community.

Platinum Supporters ($10,000+ or more in contributions, at least $5000 per year)

4. Tim Suter and Pat Kelly of Ohio Edison and FirstEnergy, who have faithfully contributed to economic development year in and year out.  There’s a reason why they’ve won economic development awards for utilities year after year.

5. Daren Cotter of Fifth-Third Bank, who is on more boards than I can count and who’s been a great friend to the Chamber and CIC

6. Bill Fralick, head of Security National Bank, who has contributed time, talent, and financial resources to the Chamber, the CIC, and the community

Gold Supporters ($5000 and above)

7. Randy Kapp of Kapp Construction, a man I’ve gotten to know, who cares deeply, knows much, and possesses great foresight and knowledge about the development process gained over decades of making Springfield a better place.

8. Tom Vollmer of GFS, who runs a very successful distribution center of one of Springfield’s largest employers, does good in the community, and doesn’t maintain a high profile to brag about what he does

9. Nelson Wenrick, Mark Tangeman, and Dean McGillivray from WENCO Construction, who have done a lot of good in the community in terms of economic development (235 Industrial Park, WENCO Centre) and who significantly contributed to us last year

10. Heather Corbin of KeyBank, who has contributed to economic development.  Thank you.

11. John Federer, formerly of PNC (formerly National City), who gave us a chance to succeed.

Silver Supporters ($2000 and over)

12. The Springfield Foundation.  Much appreciation to the board and staff of the Springfield Foundation, who helped make our efforts possible.  They are doing a lot of good work in Springfield and Clark County.

13. Drew Sutphen of Sutphen Corp., whose company is the largest private fire truck manufacturer in the US, who has chosen to expand his Springfield presence and contribute private resources to keep economic development going

14. Phil Teusinck and Glenda Greenwood (formerly) of Huntington National Bank, who has contributed to economic development.

Bronze Supporters (up to $1000)

15. Mary Beth Sheehan Mahoney of Sheehan Brothers Vending, who was willing to contribute to economic development during difficult times.

Future Supporters (have committed to the cause, amount to be worked out yet)

16. Steve Sidlo of the Springfield News-Sun, whom I’ve had the chance to get to know a few months ago at a Buckeye basketball game.  Fabulous news man, integrity, cares about the truth and community.  Willing to step up and support economic development.

17. Tony Kenney of Speedway SuperAmerica, who does so much in our community, from leading the Salvation Army effort this year to financially supporting economic development.  Speedway was also a Foundational Supporter.

18. Kip Sweeney of Pentaflex, who has worked to diversify his company and is willing to contribute something to economic development.

19. Nick and Teresa Demana of Benjamin Steel, who just recently consolidated over 20 employees into Springfield, die-hard community supporters, willing to support us as well.

20. Jim Ralston at Coilplus, who runs a great steel operation in the PrimeOhio Corporate Park and willing to assist us.

Foundational Supporters

21. Thank you to Bob Warren of Hauck Brothers, who supported the Community Improvement Corporation in its first fundraising efforts.  Great friend to Chamber and CIC over many years.

22., 23., 24., 25. Thank you to the folks at First Carlisle Federal, I-Supply, Eby-Brown, and Demmy Construction, who supported our 2005 Grow Springfield Campaign.

Special Supporters

26. A special thank-you to the City of Springfield’s Economic Development Administrator Tom Franzen and former City Manager Matt Kridler, who have in the past helped contribute funds to the development of brochure materials and economic development marketing efforts for our community.


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