Springfield + Higher Education (part 1): 280,000 students

Educational Institutions
The educational concentration within a 90-minute drive of the Springfield community is staggering. It is hard to believe that there are 178 institutions of higher in that range (up to about 70 miles). 81 of those have industrial, manufacturing, technology, or general business programs relevant for companies that would consider PrimeOhio II. Those 81 schools have approximately 280,000 students and in the 2008-2009 academic year graduated 59,000. If the student populations combined were a city, it would be the same size as Toledo and significantly larger than Akron.

Of particular interest for the Springfield community are the accessible local and regional powerhouse community colleges, each of which runs programs for industry as well as on- and off-site customized corporate and industry training. Every year, over 1,000 manufacturing/engineering certificates and associates degrees are handed out by Clark State, Sinclair, Edison State, Columbus State, Southern State, and Cincinnati State. It’s also worth noting that Clark State’s president recently was also recognized as by her peers as the top community college president in the US.

Radius Schools Students Graduates
15 miles 8 14,000 2,600
30 miles 23 53,000 9,900
50 miles 44 163,000 33,900
69.5 mi 81 280,000 58,900
TOTAL 81 280,000 58,900

Many of the four-year public and private universities offer engineering programs, and within the 90-minute drive of the Springfield community, there are 2400 engineering degrees conferred each year, including over 700 master’s degrees, and almost 200 PhDs. Central State University, Cedarville University, Wright State University, the University of Dayton, The Ohio State University, and the University of Cincinnati provide great resources in this area.

Two additional specialty institutions of interest are the Hobart Institute of Welding, with over 200 certified welders being produced annually, and the Air Force Institute of Technology, which produces 200 people with Master’s Degrees in fields ranging from aerospace to materials science to systems engineering. These degrees are in addition to the 700 listed in the previous paragraph.


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