“Bistro To Go” opens in Downtown Springfield

Greater Springfield’s newest restaurant – Bistro To Go – opened September 20 with a formal ribbon-cutting at its location in the Shawnee Hotel building.

Bistro To Go occupies the space formerly occupied by Wa-Bee’s Restaurant, but the ambiance and decor are worlds away from the old downtown diner. Owners Michelle McDonald and  Jim Curry will offer a full breakfast and lunch menu that includes seasonal fruits and homemade ingredients.

The restaurant is great for downtown and will thrive especially with hungry business professionals close by. Bistro To Go hired several workers, cooks and servers as a part of this new venture, so we thank them for making new jobs available in the community. This new opening will enhance the appeal and overall structure of downtown, which is always a plus for economic development!

We welcome Bistro To Go to downtown and wish them much success in their endeavor!

>> See the article from the Springfield News-Sun


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  1. The Springfield Museum of Art no longer has a reception room for weddings. We are looking for a home for the dishware that we used for weddings and events. The set includes everything from dinner plates, salad plates, soup bowls, cups and saucers, etc. They are free to a good home. Please call ASAP if you are interested. 325-4673 or call my cell 614-378-5685.
    Charlotte, Museum Curator

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