Greater Springfield Moving Forward survey

Greater Springfield Moving Forward wants you! They have created a survey for citizens, designed to tell us where Springfield is now and where it should go in the future.

For the survey, click here:
(use the login “forward” to access the survey)

Greater Springfield is at a crossroads. We have faced the challenges of the last several decades with what Newsweek magazine called, “gritty determination.” The job isn’t going to get easier anytime soon. Economic, technological, and cultural changes continue to sweep across our Midwestern, national, and global environment.

In recent years much has been accomplished locally. Through the efforts of many, we are holding on to core strengths of our community and building new assets that make Greater Springfield a more appealing place to live, work and do business.

But where do we go from here? Will we drift, cling to the past, pursue separate agendas within our neighborhoods and organizations, or bicker among ourselves? Or will we mutually envision the kind of community we want our children and grandchildren to inherit, and pull together our individual and collective energies to start making that happen?

From now until July 11, 2010, the City of Springfield, Clark County, the Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce, the Springfield Foundation, the Turner Foundation, the Springfield News-Sun/Cox Media Group, and the 32 individuals listed on the left are inviting you and your neighbors to participate in setting a common agenda.

“Greater Springfield Moving Forward: A Vision for a More Vibrant Community”

is asking everyone to share what it is you treasure about our region, and for your recommendations on how to move it forward. Please complete a short questionnaire — you can do it online or mail it in. Ask your family and friends to participate. Ask for a presentation to be made at your place of worship, civic, neighborhood, business, or other association.

When the Steering Committee has heard what you and fellow citizens have to say, we will attempt to capture the essence of the community’s best thinking in a short list of goals for the next five years and beyond. We will widely publicize the draft (sending it straight to you if you’ll share your email address) and ask for your comments to determine if we heard you clearly. Then we’ll ask the major leadership bodies of our community to accept and adopt the goals and help organize the necessary human and financial resources to bring them into being.

Thank you for your many contributions to a great community, and for taking the time to participate in a worthwhile and essential step in moving Greater Springfield Forward.

>> Greater Springfield Moving Forward section on

>> Take the survey (Use the login: “forward”)


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