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32 finance programs for business expansion

As we start to put out the resources and incentive programs  that are available to expanding businesses in the US, in Ohio, and in Clark County and the City of Springfield, we begin with this table, which lists in alphabetical order those programs, links to where they are on the web as well as links to specific program information.  We look forward to putting a lot more of this information out there.

Updated as of 5/19/2010.

Agency Program Type Comments
ODOD CDBG Loans loan outside City
SBDC Child Care Micro-Enterprise Loan loan childcare ctrs
SBDC Clark County RLF loan outside City
OEOC Common Wealth RLF loan up to $80K
ODOD Direct 166 Loan Program loan $350K-$1M
DDC ESP – Equity Investment loan tech loans
DMCPA Financing – Bond Fund bond up to $6M+
OSoS GrowNow Program finance up to 3% off i
ODOD Huntington Job Growth Partnership loan small biz loans
ODOD Innovation Ohio Loan Fund loan $500K-$2M
USDA Intermediary Relending Program RLF source for RLFs
ODOD Minority Cap Access Program guarantee up to $500K
ODOD Minority Direct Loan loan $45K-$450K
ODOD Minority Mini-Loan Guarantee guarantee <$100K
OAQDA OAQDA Financing bonds 100% tax-ex
ODOD Ohio Enterprise Bond Fund bonds $1.5-10M
OVCA Ohio Venture Capital Authority vc venture cap
ORDC ORDC Freight Rail Dev./Spur Prog. loan loans + grants
City Pledge Loan Program loan -3% i for 1 yr.
ODOD R&D Investment Loan Fund loan $1.5-25M
ODOD Regional 166 Loan Program loan up to $350K
USDA Rural ED Loan RLF source for RLFs
CDC SBA 504 Loan loan up to $1.5M
Bank SBA 7a Guarantee guarantee up to $1.5M
SBA SBA Disaster Loans loan up to $2M
SBDC Springfield City Microloan Program loan $500-5000
SBDC Springfield City RLF loan $3330-$150K
SPA Off Balance Sheet Financing finance op & synth lease
City Targeted Investment Loan Fund loan up to 50%
USDOE USDOE Loan Guarantee Program guarantee various techn.
USDA USDA B&I Loan Guarantee guarantee up to $10M
ODOD Volume Cap bonds tax-exempt

For more information or to begin determining which programs might apply to you, please contact David Zak at 937.631.5315 or by email at dzak@greaterspringfield.com.


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