SelectTech dedicates $4M adv. mfg. facility at Springfield Airport

SelectTech Services Corporation, a regional defense contractor, has just opened a facility at the Springfield-Beckley Municipal Airport. The company is expected to hire 15 people in the first year, but has already created 17 jobs at the facility. 50 are expected at the end of year two, and 100 are expected by the end of year three.   Their building at the airport is a 17,000-square-foot hangar, which has been remodeled. Total cost of renovations and equipment total $4 million.

The dedication for the opening of this new facility was held on Thursday, April 22, 2010. Here is a video from the dedication:

About SelectTech Services Corporation
SelectTech Geospatial (SG) is home to the Dayton Regions’ Advanced Manufacturing Facility (AMF) that is located at the Springfield Beckley Municipal/Air National Guard airport in Springfield, OH.

The current facility is a renovated 17,000 sq ft hangar on the flight line capable of high tech engineering & design, software development, prototyping, manufacturing & production, product validation & test (including extensive flight testing), with associated support across our extensive communication product lines.

Our facility design and equipment specifications are not only based on the needs of the core workload to be done by SGAMF – we continue to work with our partners in the region in order to effectively incorporate partner needs and gaps so that we may effectively leverage existing capabilities and infrastructure already in place in the region.

SGAMF prides itself on an end-to-end capability. So, from initial concept within our virtual collaboration lab, to full scale manufacturing and test, SGAMF will be able to cost effectively meet your needs within your schedule.

Our highly qualified staff looks forward to working with you, our customers and partners, to deliver high quality solutions that exceed your every expectation!

>> SelectTech website

>> Springfield-Beckley Municipal Airport info


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