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Value Builder Workshop with Don Gray – recap

NET Incubator and the Dayton Development Coalition held a special “Value Builder Workshop” with guest speaker Don Gray, President of Sales Engineering Group. The workshop was endorsed by the Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce and was held at Commerce Pointe in Downtown Springfield on April 6.

In his talk, Gray asked the over 25 business leaders, “Why is your value message important?” “In today’s competitive marketplace, the way you present your company’s value message is the single most important marketing tool you can possess,” Gray said.

He focused on 6 key things to building a business’ value message:

  1. Know the target market or markets that are best suited for what you offer.
  2. Profile an ideal customer as a benchmark to target and measure your sales and marketing activity.
  3. Know the results you can produce for your customers through your solutions and/or services
  4. Identify the key titles that you will sell to and the results they are responsible to produce.
  5. Determine how you can impact that person’s results they are responsible to produce.
  6. Build a product map that shows the results that it produces for the customer.

In the following video, Gray discusses a customer’s perception of value and how customers see businesses as a provider of value today. Watch video below:

For more information on the Chamber’s upcoming events, including  the “Small Business Borrowing Workshop”  on April 13, call Amanda  at (937) 521-1943 or e-mail her at ahorine@greaterspringfield.com for more information.

About Don Gray
Don has enjoyed a 30-year career in sales, marketing, international management, and sales development. Over his career he has developed an extensive background in systems software, database and business application technologies, and data warehousing solutions. Don has held positions in sales, management, marketing, international management, and strategic planning. Additionally, Don has been responsible for sales education development and deployment activities, and has extensive experience in facilitating both sales skills and business solution workshop sessions worldwide.

Don started Sales Engineering Group in 2001 to help businesses better define their value message and to improve the delivery of the value message through their selling organization. He works with his clients to focus on implementing and ope rationalizing new value messaging, marketing approaches, and selling techniques to retain customers and grow their business. His clients include NCR, Qualcomm, Mellon Bank, Invensys, Intel, Turner Construction, Hartzell Propeller, and Trimble Navigation.

About Sales Engineering Group
Sales Engineering Group drives increased revenues, supports higher margins, and improves the acquisition and retention of customers by:

  • Identifying and exposing the value inherent in your products and services
  • Positioning and selling your value to prospective and existing customers
  • Aligning delivery with your value proposition
  • Reinforcing the value delivered for long term profitable customer retention

>> NET Incubator Web site

>> Sales Engineering Group Web site

>> Dayton Development Coalition


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