Chamber offers electric discounts to members (up to 8%)

Electric aggregation program

The PUCO has asked electric providers to come up with innovative ways to create a competitive (open) marketplace and too demonstrate that they are taking steps in that direction.  One such step that FirstEnergy has taken is to develop an electric aggregation program, the FirstEnergy Electric Savings Program.  By working with larger organizations like the Greater Springfield Chamber, it is offering discounts on their electricity (generation) to consumers – both commercial and residential.  But – it is only through organizations like the Greater Springfield Chamber that this discount can be obtained. 

Average savings $400 for biz per year (and $100 per residence per year)

Each Chamber business that signs up will save up to 8% of its electric bill.  If a business is a particularly large user, a FirstEnergy representative will work out with them an individual plan, which may mean even more savings.  It is expected that the average annual savings will be about $400 per year.   Another great benefit is that the employees of the Chamber business can also sign up and receive a discount, which averages about $100 per year in savings per household.

How to sign up

Log on to: or enroll by phone at 1-888-254-4769.  If registering online, you need to have the following information to enter:

  • Your name, your company, your title, phone, and e-mail address
  • The 20-digit customer service number on page 3 of your electric bill
  • Your 10-digit meter number
  • Your service location (address)
  • Your current utility name

Drawing – free electric for 1 year (up to $2,500) – sign up by March 31

Members of the Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce will automatically be entered to win free electric generation from FirstEnergy Solutions for a year when you enroll! A $2,500 value! (You may choose not to sign up for our generation savings offer, but still enter the drawing by following the non-enrollment contest instructions.)

*Provide your name, full address and telephone number in a letter stating “Please enter me in the FirstEnergy Solutions Free Generation Drawing” and mail to: FirstEnergy Solutions, Greater Springfield Chamber Free Generation Contest. 314 White Pond Dr., Bldg. B-3, Akron, OH 44320. All entries must be postmarked by 5:00 p.m. EST on March 31, 2010.

>> How to sign up

>> Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce Web site


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