Chamber annual meeting focuses on biz + economy

Dr. Ned Hill speaking at the annual meeting. His 10 main points are below the video.

This video is from our Greater Springfield Chamber Annual Meeting, held on February 25, 2010 at the Clark State Performing Arts Center. More than 550 people were in attendance, as well as 35 exhibitors for our Business Expo, which preceded the program.

Our keynote speaker was Ned Hill, the Dean of the Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs at Cleveland State University.

Hill’s 30-minute talk included discussion on the 10 things to help Springfield “Live [their] dream” when practicing the fundamentals of economic development:

1. Don’t be a victim
2. Economic development is about products; Not jobs
3. Productivity growth is the basis of sustained higher income
4. Economic development is practiced through the income statement of the business
5. Economic development is generative; Not redistributive
6. Build economies from areas of strength, while intentionally addressing areas of weakness
7. The economy is regional; the world is competitive
8. Convert economic development time into political time
9. Avoid fads and silver bullet thinking; Celebrate differences and differentiators
10. Economic development investment requires a long term strategy

He encouraged us to “do the hard stuff, fix the basics and change the value proposition.” We hope that our members really took away a sense of what’s important when it comes to the role of  leadership in economic development. Can’t wait for next year’s meeting.

Thanks to Tim Bucey for the video.

>>College of Urban Affairs, Cleveland State University

>> Watch more videos on our YouTube channel


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