Average benefits for Springfield Ohio – 12,000+ employees

WittCAM logoThis post is the second of a two-part series publishing the guts of a 155-page report on a Wage & Benefits survey.  This post summarizes the benefits.  Yesterday’s post had the wage tables.  To reiterate what I said yesterday…

Summary: Last year, Wittenberg University business students worked with us at the Chamber to do a Wage & Benefits survey for Clark County – the Springfield, OH metro area (MSA).  Over 1400 surveys were sent out to a Chamber distribution list early 2009.  140 companies participated, representing 12,291 employees.  Many thanks to Wendy Gradwohl, WittCAM (Wittenberg Center for Applied Management), Amy Donahoe, and the students who did it.  The project concluded in the summer, and the results were released to survey participants.  The results are now being results – for free – to the general public (last survey was pay for non-participants).  You can get a full copy of the survey in .pdf format here.

Note: the full-report provides breakouts of benefits for different industry segments.


  • 73% of the participating companies advertise in the local newspaper when looking for workers
  • 28% use the Internet
  • 5% go to WorkPlus


  • 56% drug test their employees
  • 53% do background checks
  • Only 13% are doing credit checks


  • 72% of companies provide health insurance for the employee (57% cover dependents)
  • They are covering an average of 79% of the costs
  • 52% are providing dental (77% covered by employer)
  • 33% are covering vision (73% covered)
  • 65% are providing life insurance
  • 47% are providing disability (both over 90% covered)

Sick + Personal Days

  • Average number of sick and personal days (combined) for one year of service was 7 years
  • For 2 years the  number of days off averaged 8 days
  • For 5, 10, 15, and 20 years, the average number of sick and personal days was 10

Vacation + Time Off

  • Average number of vacation days for 1 year of service was 9 days
  • For 2 years of service, the average number of vacation days is 10
  • For 5 years of service – 13 days
  • For 10 years of service – 15 days
  • 89% provide paid holidays
  • 31% provide flex time
  • 23% provide compensatory time

Other benefits

  • 70% of all companies provide some type of pension plan (71% provide 401K, 403B) 
  • 67% match employee contributions 
  • 35% provide tuition aid
  • 20% provide a Flexible Spending Account
  • 16% have a wellness program
  • 13% have profit sharing


  • Half of all firms (47%) provide no non-lunch breaks
  • 17% provide one non-lunch break
  • 37% provide two

>> Complete Wage & Benefits Survey 2009/2010


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