10 MORE cool things I want to do in 2010 (that I haven’t done yet)

I did a post yesterday about 10 things I wanted to do this year for fun – some events, some places.  These are things I hadn’t done yet.  Well, the list isn’t done yet…lol.  These next 10 are the honorable mentions, the things that I hope to do this year (would be nice).

11. New Carlisle Heritage of Flight I blogged about this event and some of the international dancers appearing at this really neat festival with a parade of planes in the city of New Carlisle.  From my blog post – One of the great things about the Springfield and Clark County area is our many unique festivals.  I certainly don’t claim that we are the only location with many local festivals, but I do claim that ours are some of the most interesting.  The Heritage of Flight Festival in New Carlisle is one such festival.  Of course, there are all the standard trappings of fun – food and vendors galore, a parade, a cruise-in of classic cars, carnival rides and games, and live entertainment.  But there are some unique things, like horsedrawn carriage rides, helicopter and hot air balloon rides, golf cart, motorcycle, and tractor cruise-ins, model rocket blastoffs, and entertainers from around the world.”

12. Summer Arts Festival – from an editorial in the Springfield News-Sun: “Free is good. Especially when money is tight.  The recently ended Summer Arts Festival is a welcome respite in any year, but a gift of nightly entertainment this year has to be counted among our blessings.  If you could get to Veterans Park, maybe toting a lawn chair, you’re set for the night…Few other events bring the mix of people out on a June or July night to mingle together.  Many children grow up never seeing a well done musical. Ours had this year’s performance of “The Music Man” offered for the taking.  Many towns never get 5,000 people together to rock out in a beautiful park.  Phil Dirt and the Dozers made their annual pilgrimage to the festival to turn back the clock to rock’s classic age and make a lot of old people young again for at least one night of the year.  Many places never offer their talented offspring a place to showcase their talents. North grad Griffin House has entertained the world, but he still finds his way to the park.”

13. Hertzler House – missed the opportunity to tour the  house during the Fair at New Boston, which is also held at George Rogers Clark park.  From the website: “The Historic Hertzler House provides a glimpse of 19th century midwestern lifestyle in Clark County, Ohio through the 1854 home of Daniel and Catherine Hertzler, Mennonites from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, who were prominent citizens.  Hertzler amassed a fortune with an entrepreneurial spirit building a grist mill, a saw mill, a brick distillery, and a whiskey distillery.  He farmed over 1,000 acres and was a money lender.  The house was designed for convenience and furnishings reflect the pre-Civil War period.  There are a few pieces from the Herzler family and the remainder are antiques or reproductions of the period.”

14. Whitewater! – dare I try this new amenity to Springfield, Ohio?  If I can find training for this activity I will have to try it.  Apparently, you get a kayak and play in the water when they release it from the low-head dams.  Here was a blog I did (and some video) of it.

15. Santa Maria – a really cool thing just 45 min. away in Columbus.  From their website: “The world was forever changed when, in 1492, Christopher Columbus set sail searching for a direct trade route to the Indies.  Carrying him was the Santa Maria, a 98-foot wooden “nao”, or typical cargo ship.  More than 500 years later, you can tour the world’s most authentic, museum-quality replica of Christopher Columbus’ flagship. Guided tours dramatize the daring and determination it took for these explorers to set out on their mission. Fascinating displays show the far-ranging impact of the encounter of two worlds that existed in 1492.”

16. Sunwatch Indian Village – from Wikipedia – “SunWatch Indian Village / Archaeological Park is a recreated Fort Ancient Native American village that sits alongside the Great Miami River in Dayton, Ohio.  Amateurs had found some materials at the site in the 1960s. The site was professionally excavated from 1971-1988. Findings from the archaeological work were used to help recreate the village. It was named Sun Watch because scholars believe that a complex of posts in the center related to astronomical measurements. The Fort Ancient culture people would have planned rituals around a solar calendar.”

17. Springfield Art Museum Tour – I’ve visited the facility many times, but only been with one of the staff once for a brief visit by Ohio Senate President Bill Harris.  I want to arrange a time where I can get a tour  of the various works and their significance.  The Springfield Art Association was founded in 1946, and the first part of the museum facility was built in 1967.  In 1995, the museum raised $4 million to renovate the existing 15,000 square feet and to construct a new 20,000 addition. 

18. The Wilds – this attraction is 2-3 hours away in Cambridge, Ohio, but I think it will be worth the drive time if I can swing it.  From Wikipedia – “The Wilds is a private, non-profit wildlife conservation center located in Muskingum County, Ohio. It is situated on 9,154 acres (37.04 km²) of reclaimed coal mine land and is home to over 25 non-native and hundreds of native species. The Wilds is the largest wildlife conservation center for endangered species in North America and is open between the months of May and October.”

19. Springfield Country Club – ah golf, I am working on actually playing for the first time since I was a boy this coming year.  I have a golf bag and some drivers and am working on irons.  I have an invite to play at this famous Donald Ross designed course.  I know it will be over my head, but the view is so beautiful from the clubhouse that if I get my clubs together and some lessons/practice, I will venture out here.  From their website: “Founded in 1898, the Springfield Country Club sits at the edge of rolling fields overlooking a beautiful valley with a challenging 18-hole championship golf course, a six lane competition swimming pool with slide, and six outdoor tennis courts.  Springfield Country Club offers 18 holes of championship golf set in the rolling hills of the Miami Valley.  Designed by famous architect Donald Ross, Springfield Country Club remains one of the most original and unaltered Ross designs in the country.”

20.  Hershey, PA – my five-year old daughter is an absolute chocolate freak, so this might be our family vacation this year.  From Wikipedia – “The community is home to The Hershey Company which also makes the well-known Hershey bar and Hershey’s Kisses, as well as the parent to the H. B. Reese Candy Company, manufacturer of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.  Hershey’s Chocolate World is a factory store and virtual tour ride of The Hershey Company.  Hershey Entertainment and Resorts Company owns and operates Hersheypark, Hersheypark Stadium and other attractions such as ZooAmerica, Hershey Gardens, and is a major employer of the community and surrounding area.”


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