Top 25 blog posts of 2009 (by SpringfieldEdge)

I have truly enjoyed blogging this year; it was a brand new activity for me.  I have been extremely satisfied with WordPress, although in the future I would like to put it on my own server.  There were 173 published posts this year (so far), and I thought it would be interesting to put them in a list for reference. 

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1. Twitter Tips for Business – Part 3 (followers tips): I wish I could say that the reason this post listed highest was because of my brilliant writing.  The reality is that in this section I talk about how to identify porn in Twitter and the need to block it.  I suspect that it got picked up in searches for that reason.  The popularity of the subject and perhaps that people liked the post, though, also comes through the high ranking of the other posts in this series.  

2. Commerce Director’s Comments on prevailing wage: this post was an interesting one.  I attended a conference this year in which Kimberly Zurz, Director of the Ohio Dept. of Commerce, said publicly that the State was softening their stance on the need to use prevailing wage when incentives were involved, whether or not they directly funded the project or not.  I  got her comments on video.  The Ohio  Economic Development Association linked to the post, and eventually the Associated Press called me and asked if they could have a copy of the video as well.  It appeared online as part of their story.  Cool stuff.

3. 25 Twitter tips for business – Part 1: this one makes me happy.  I really enjoyed doing the series on Twitter, as it’s probably my favorite social media tool.  It was referenced by others and made several lists of twitter tips.  I loved that people found it interesting.  I hope to do another Twitter series early 2010.

4. Clark Kellogg headlines the Gathering’s Oct. 6 breakfast.  This was an interesting use of the blog.  I have a friend Jeff Pinkleton, who heads up the Gathering in Springfield, which is a Christian men’s organization.  I did a blog post on the event that was coming up (using the blog as an easy way to get up good-looking content quickly), and Jeff used it as his primary online promotion for the event.  It was a good use of the technology and helped out a friend.  In addition, his organization, which only is in big cities, helps highlight a great resource in Springfield.

5. Twitter 101 – Billy Fischer on 5 ways to use Twitter for business: another interesting use of the technology.  In this case, the Chamber held a four-part breakfast series on social media called “Social Media Bootcamp.”   Billy is a great SoMe guru from Oxiem, an online marketing company with offices in Springfield and Columbus.  In this post, I got a five-minute excerpt on video, posted to YouTube, of course, then brought into the blog.  The subject is very popular, and the excerpt is good.

6. Rudy’s Smokehouse BBQ opens second location: this is another interesting story.  Rudy’s Smokehouse BBQ is a Springfield restaurant and caterer that has a great reputation and even better food.  They opened their second location in one of Springfield’s shopping districts.  The post ranks high in Google (relatively speaking), and people liked it.

7. Klosterman bakery profiled in TV show this week: did a profile of this bread-maker’s Springfield operation, its business, as well as the timely event of being featured on TV.  Similar to Rudy’s in that it comes up high in searches.

8. Top employers for the Springfield, OH MSA: a research-oriented post.  This information is constantly being sought by a number of people.  This is the best, most up-to-date listing of employers and provides the number of employees (in ranges), as well as links to each business.  Useful post.  Good example of making it easy for me to deliver information in a way that increases customer service.

9. Large projects in Springfield, OH MSA (2001-2009): another research-oriented post.  This is a key post for me as an economic developer.  Here is where I (publicly and online) keep track of larger investment and job creation projects in our community.  I use the information a number of ways, and it is great evidence of the economic strength, growth, and viability as a location for business even in these tough times.  3100 new jobs and $750+ million in new investment doesn’t lie.

10. Annual Meeting – Business Expo – spots going quickly: similar use of the technology as with the Gathering post, but for our own organization (Chamber).  A great feature of this was the ability to update very quickly, upload new maps of the expo layout, and a place to drive interested traffic from other sources like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  This post will continue to get major hits in 2010.  We sold out the majority of the booths in a week, and much of that was due to Social Media.

The honorable mentions:

11. About

12. Interview with Rudy Mosketti, founder of Rudy’s Smokehouse  BBQ

13. 25 Twitter tips for business – Part 2

14. Training grant seminar 2009 – Mary Benedict’s presentation (ODOD)

15. Construction on whitewater project continues

16. Red Roof Inn’s NA Contact Center continues to grow

17. Springfield downtown development update

18. Video – LaVaughan Ricci about Cedarville

19. 46 Springfield, OH companies selling to the government (2000-2008)

20. Seasons Bistro offers sophisticated cuisine, intimate atmosphere

21. Trucking company Imperial Express expands – new location, routes, technology

22. SBA ARC loan program offers $35K to hurting businesses

23. Office – Springfield skyscraper now has space available

24. Training Grant Seminar 2009 – Clark State, WorkPlus, ODOD

25. Social Media for HR Professionals


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