Wittenberg’s East Asian Institute a great business + educational asset

Wittenberg East Asian Institute Logo

The new East Asian Insitute

Wittenberg University is a tremendous community asset, and it is doing some exciting things.  They have a new entrepreneurship program, about which I’ll write in another blog post.  This one deals with the new SBA grant-funded program at Wittenberg called the East Asian Institute.  Wittenberg President Mark Erickson wrote this summer: “We are also investing in our East Asian Studies program as we look to create the first-ever East Asian Institute on campus, which will expand global understanding by way of international partnerships in business, government and education. We will provide distinctive field-study experiences with leading firms conducting business in East Asia, and we will offer unprecedented experiential learning opportunities.”

Wittenberg is a great college

For those not familiar with Wittenberg, this info from Wikipedia should help: “Wittenberg University, located in Springfield, Ohio, United States is a private, four-year liberal arts college affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.  The college serves 2,100 full-time students (45% male, 55% female), representing 40 states and approximately 36 foreign countries.  The University is best known for its business and biology departments and its athletic endeavors. Wittenberg is also distinguished by its strong interdisciplinary programs such as East Asian Studies and Russian Area Studies.”  It ranks in Tier 1 (top 25%) of all liberal arts colleges nationwide in the US News & World Report rankings.

Director Erick Kish

The director, Erick Kish, is a new member to our business outreach (HITS) team and a very dynamic individual.  He “brings over 17 years of professional experience to Wittenberg University with many years of experience living and working in Asia. Erick recently served as International Trade Representative in Taiwan for the States of Alaska, and he served as the International Trade Representative for the State of Arizona in Asia prior to that. He earned his M.A. in Economics and B.S. in Business Administration from the University of Florida” (from website.)

In the video, Kish talks about the institute, how it can help businesses, and Wittenberg’s connections to East Asia.

>> Wittenberg home page

>> East Asian Insitute home page


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