Annual Meeting | Business Expo – spots going quickly

 Current as of 12/16/2009, 4:35 pm

I just updated this on 12/16/2009 in the pm.  Only two C-level spaces remain.  Please call (see contact info below) to reserve your space.

Chamber holds new Business Expo at Annual Meeting

The Greater Springfield Chamber is resurrecting an old tradition to add an exciting dimension to this year’s Annual Meeting at the Clark State Performing Arts Center of February 25, 2010.  A business exposition, featuring several businesses from the community exhibiting, will be added to the annual meeting in order to increase the enjoyment and value of the evening.  Over 25 businesses will have the opportunity to represent their organizations and get in front of over 500 community and business leaders, entrepreneurs, managers, directors, officials, and staff.  It will be an incredible opportunity.  Spaces are already being pre-sold to selective buyers. 

Businesses can reserve their spots now

The booths can be reserved immediately, and individual spots can also be reserved (see layout).  This week, we are about to start actively pre-selling spaces to Chamber, CIC, and CVB board members as well as Ambassadors and others involved in Chamber activities.  Then, we will blast the opportunity to all Chamber members via email (e.g., JAVABreak and separate emails) as well as phone call notifications.  But, any Chamber member can make their reservation now.  The following businesses have already reserved their spot:

You can find your spot by clicking on the image above to see the set up layout.

You can also see the actual facility (compared to the map) in photos on Flickr (with descriptions of where everything will go.

Passport to Business – attendees can win by talking to exhibitors

One thing we will be doing is giving everyone a “Passport to Business” upon arrival at the Annual Meeting.  Each person will have to get 15 stamps or punches in order to be entered into a drawing for some great prize (e.g., TV).  Still working on prize and starting with design of passport next week.  It will be great both for exhibiting businesses and for attendees.

Agenda – February 25, 2010

3:00 pm – businesses will be allowed to set-up exhibits

4:30 pm – doors open to general public, business expo starts, food stations open

6:30 pm – annual meeting begins (in Kuss Auditorium)

8:00 pm – meeting concludes

How to reserve your spot

To reserve your spot, contact any of the following people:

>> Map of layout (with booths)

>> Photos of Performing Arts Center Lobby


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