Manufacturers’ Council Update 13

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I send out email updates to the Chamber’s Manufacturers’ Council, and I thought it would be useful to put an example of one on the blog for reference.  If your company is a Greater Springfield Chamber member and you are not receiving this but would like to, please let me know at or by cell at 937.631.5315.

1.            2009 Recap

In 2009, the Manufacturers’ Council partnered with OMA, WorkPlus, the Ohio Dept. of Development, PTAC, and others to bring you six topical seminars and events:

• April – Six Disciplines Seminar

• April – Management Leadership Forum with Fred Keller

• June – Safety Management for Metal Industries

• July – Training Grant Seminar

• Sept. – Selling to the Government

• Dec. – Project Hire Seminar (info coming out v. soon, w/video + slides avail beforehand…will send out when available)

New this year were the Manufacturers’ Council updates, which we started in June, to update you on events and valuable information.  The response to these has been positive.

In conjunction with the Small Business/Legislative Council, we advocated on behalf of manufacturers’ on several issues including, prevailing wage, card check, Ohio Healthy Families initiative, and others.    

2.            Input wanted!

It’s time to evaluate 2009 and plan for 2010.  So, a quick survey. 

• Would you be willing to serve on the Executive Committee in 2010?  The current plan is for there to be six Exec. Committee meetings next year (every other month).

• We did not do any Manufacturers’ Council breakfasts at the Marriott in 2009.  Do you miss those?  Did they add value?  Would you like to see them in 2010?  If so, how many and at what time?  And at what frequency?  Or would you like a lunch?

• Do you like the email updates?  Is there information that is not in them that you would like to see?

• Do you feel we need to do more to address many of the constantly changing legal landscape (in partnership with the Small Business/Legislative Council)?

• Any other ideas on how to make the Council add more value to your business?

3.            Dec. 8 – Want $6000?  Hire an employee. 

The Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with the WorkPlus One-Stop Center, Ohio Department of Job and Family Center, Workforce Development and ODOD will host an informational workshop to discuss Project Hire (Hometown Investment in Regional Economies ) and Ohio Learning Accounts, designed to get people back to work.   Funded by the federal stimulus program, employers who choose to hire from a pool of pre-qualified dislocated workers will receive up to $6,000 per hire to use for on-the-job training or additional training. The workshop will be held on Tuesday, December 8th from 8:00 – 10:00 a.m. at the Brinkman Center.  Please contact Amy Donahoe at to confirm your attendance or request additional information.

4.            Dec. 16 – Want free food + drink?  Come to Christmas at Commerce Point

On December 16, from 5:00 to 6:30 pm, the Chamber (incl. Manufacturers’ Council) is hosting a holiday gathering for members.  Last year was fun and well-attended.  Stop by after work and get some Christmas cheer.  It’s one way we say thank you for being members and for all you do.  The event will be at our offices at Commerce Point (20 S. Limestone).  Hope to see you there.

5.            State of Manufacturing Report

In preparation for a presentation I made at Leadership Clark County, I did a series of articles in November on the role and current status of manufacturing in the US, Ohio, regionally, and locally.  I thought this might be of interest.

State of manufacturing 1 – importance in US and Ohio

State of manufacturing 2 – importance in Dayton and Springfield

State of manufacturing 3 – current national trends

State of manufacturing 4 – Ohio trends

6.            PrimeOhio Drainage Project

The drainage project at the PrimeOhio Corporate Park is now at 98% completion and final date of completion is slated for December 15, 2009.   The CIC is responsible for managing this, and we have stayed within budget (I am very happy about this).     

7.            Visits to local manufacturers – thank you for what you do

In conjunction with Wright State University, I had the privilege in November to visit several manufacturers, whose facilities I had not yet visited personally.  These included TIG Wood & Die, Ernest Industries, Miller Machine, WETSU, Tomco Tool, Springfield Metal Finishing, and HTCI.  It was (as it always is) fascinating to hear the stories of how the businesses started, encouraging to hear how our manufacturers are working to improve, diversify, and deal with these challenging times.  You all aren’t thanked enough for what you do.  Thank you, and call us if you are thinking about doing any hiring, investing, training, or have space needs.  In addition, there are a tremendous amount of export resources available.

8.            Poll: Teens not interested in manufacturing careers

Thought this was an interesting article (Nov. 19) in the Dayton Business Journal.  52% of teens have no interest in a manufacturing career.


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