Villa Springfield wins national BBB award :: $2M expansion last year

Visit to Villa Springfield

I just had a visit with Michelle Hemphill and Bill Robinson with Villa Springfield, a 110-bed skilled nursing facility located in northern Clark County, off of Villa Rd.  Michelle is the Marketing Director and Bill the Administrator, and they greeted me with laughter and friendly banter.  The whole culture seemed very positive, and I truly enjoyed my short visit with them.

International BBB award is an honor

Just announced on November 18, Villa Springfield has won the 2010 Better Business Bureau (BBB) International Torch Award for “its commitment to integrity…exhibited by how it treats residents, their families and its employees,” according to BBB Council President & CEO Steve Cox.  It is the only healthcare facility to win the award and it was a co-winner with Verizon.  Giants like Verizon, Honda of America, and Target have been standard fare in the winners circle since the award was started in 1996, but a company the size of Villa Springfield winning is unusual.  In order to qualify, Villa Springfield also had to be A+ rated with the BBB and win regionally, which it did with the 2009 BBB Eclipse Integrity Award, given to a Miami Valley company in a ten-county region. 

About Villa Springfield and parent Covenant Care

Villa Springfield is a 33,000 square foot facility built in 1985, that employs 85 full-time and 55 part-time staff to serve its 110 residents.  In 1994, Covenant Care, a California-based healthcare company, purchased Villa Springfield and added it to its now 50 facilities nationwide, including ones in states like Ohio, California, Nevada, and Indiana.

Recent $2M expansion and community involvement

Last year, Villa Springfield completed a $2 million expansion project that included the addition of an 8,000 square foot gym and refurbishment of existing units.  They are proud of the number of local contractors that were involved, and Robinson and Hemphill pride themselves on community involvement.  They’ve assisted local non-profits like the Springfield Salvation Army, toy drives, and Interfaith Hospitality Network.  

>> Villa Springfield homepage

>> Springfield News-Sun article

>> BBB International Torch Award homepage


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