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Industry + Job Outlook 1 – Ohio job projections thru 2016

Ohio Labor Market Information

A significant paradigm shift

I recently gave a speech to a community group involved in assisting the Springfield City School District improve its education.  The topic was the economic and job outlook for Springfield and, associated with that, the skills needed for those jobs.  I made the argument that there is no job security as there once was but did talk about certain shifts of job growth which I’ll be covering in this “The Springfield Job Outlook” multi-post series. 

Ohio Dept. of Job & Family Services – 2016 Ohio Job Outlook

For the first post, I want to provide the slide show that the Ohio Labor Market Information provides on the job outlook for Ohio, 2006-2016:

Further resources

Below are links to the information Ohio LMI provides.  The next post will begin to provide some of my analysis.

>> 2016 Job Outlook – Dayton MSA (.pdf)

>> 2016 Job Outlook – Ohio (.pdf)

>> Career Opportunities – Ohio (.pdf)

>> Buckeye Top 50 Jobs for the future (.pdf)

>> Employment Projections by Major Industry (.pdf)

>> Ohio LMI Site for projections


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