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BRAC = 10,000 new jobs for Dayton/Springfield region

WPAFB - Human Performance Wing

10,000 new jobs coming to Springfield/Dayton region

I gave a speech last week on the job outlook for Springfield to a community group.  One of the things I talked about was the replacement of manufacturing by the military as far as new job opportunities, a seismic shift from a decade or two ago.  This slide presentation put together by Joe Zeis talks about the impact of BRAC as well as where it came from.  Among other things, the presentation identifies the following areas of job growth resulting from the closure of activities at Brooks City Base in San Antonio, Texas and a base in Mesa, Arizona:

  • 1200 direct jobs in the Aerospace Medical field
  • 3000 total new jobs  related to the Human Performance Wing
  • 700 IT jobs
  • 1000 jobs in the intelligence and education areas
  • 250 new jobs in the sensors area
  • 10,000 total new job impact
  • $335 million in new construction

It’s important to note that less than 15% (probably around 10%) of the people actually transfer from the bases being closed.  So, most of the jobs will be created in the region.

>> Wright-Patterson Air Force Base – BRAC site

>> Wright-Patterson Air Force Base

>> WPAFB 711th Human Performance Wing

>> Dayton Development Coalition

>> 2007 story about development of BRAC

>> 10/30/2009 Dayton Daily News story of BRAC


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