15th US Open Forklift Rodeo a success

2009 US Open Forklift Rodeo

2009 US Open Forklift Rodeo

KTH Shines at Forklift Rodeo

Automotive parts supplier KTH Parts Industries (Team A) won the team competition and Eric Zumberin of KTH was the overall rodeo champion at the 15th annual Springfield-Clark County Safety Council’s Forklift Rodeo held recently at the Clark County Fairgrounds.  Zumbrin was the Masters Division winner and Kyle Burton of NEX Transport, East Liberty, was the Championship Division winner.  KTH Team A also won the Clyde Parson Team Spirit Award.  There were 73 individuals and 37 teams, including one from Portugal, participating. (Tim Bucey contributed this content.)

Background information

In 1994, the recently formed Springfield/Clark County Safety Council (SCCSC) was looking for a “showcase” event that would serve the membership.  On noting that School Bus Rodeos had, for a long time, been successful in promoting school bus safety in a fun and competitive manner and that a large number of the SCCSC membership operated powered industrial trucks (forklifts, towmotors, hi-los, etc.) the Council elected to conduct its’ first Forklift Safety Rodeo.  So, the first Rodeo took place in the summer of 1995 and the 15th is set for this coming fall (2009)!

The event, first conducted on an outdoor parking lot at the airport, was a great success!  In its’ third season it was taken indoors -1996 – and has been held at the Clark County Fairgrounds ever since.  It has grown dramatically, gaining area, state and national recognition to the extent that it has been renamed the “U.S. Open Forklift Safety Rodeo.”  It has now gained the support of an internationally known, specialty website www.ForkliftAction.com. They are featuring the rodeo and serving as one of the lead “Gold Nugget” sponsors.  In reality, this event can rightly claim to be a “Forklift Rodeo World Championship” event!   (Content from Dick Higgins’ website, www.higginsgroupinc.com)

Video of the competition + interview

>> Homepage for the Forklift Rodeo

>> Pictures from this year’s rodeo

>> Small article in News-Sun

>> Springfield – Clark County Safety Council


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