Can’t avoid Facebook any longer – Social Media Autobiography (Part 7)


Couldn’t avoid it any longer – Facebook

Ahh, the 900 pound gorilla in the room.  Although I started a Facebook page (personal) on November 19, 2007, I didn’t really use it.  I used is somewhat when my high school classmates found me on it and invited me to the 20-year reunion, but it still lay pretty dormant until less than a month ago.  I only have 135 friends right now, and I still am not entirely comfortable with the platform, but its reach and importance cannot be denied.  As they say, 300 million users can’t be wrong.  On September 22, I created a fan page for SpringfieldEdge, as an alternate way of getting the word out, and then I set the Facebook page to automatically post the same thing to Twitter.  So, now, when I finish and publish a blog post, I post on my SpringfieldEdge Facebook page (which then automatically posts to Twitter) and then post on the LinkedIn Chamber group.  I have also put some events into Facebook and am looking forward to continuing to develop this platform.  The blog also allows you to track referrals, and although I only have 39 fans, I’m getting some good referrals. 

Interaction rules

And (and this is a big and), I just got my first interaction on Facebook.  A senior living in Shawnee Place commented on a video update of downtown development that was recently posted.  I was able to comment back.  The blog also has places to comment, but Facebook may be more inviting in this way.  Some people have said they “liked” certain Facebook posts.  The interaction potential is really good.  Not to mention the ability to instantly chat, a feature which has already been put to the test, as more than one person “approached” me via Facebook chat.  A small pop-up box came up and the conversation started.

Interaction continued…

A couple success stories that I can think of already with this medium (in addition to the comments/interaction and the chat).  A local business had interacted with the business outreach (HITS) team and found out that I may be aware of some resources to help him.  He sent me a Facebook message (like LinkedIn, it has its own messaging system).  Because my BlackBerry has a Facebook application already installed, I was able last Saturday at the Buckeye Invitational Band Show, have a quick conversation with this business about their product. And I could do it from the stands.  Pretty neat.  In another case, a former employer contacted me via Facebook to ask my opinion on some job applicants I knew.  Facebook was the way they reached out.  

>> SpringfieldEdge Facebook Fan Page

>> Facebook personal page


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