My blog + small successes – Social Media Autobiography (Part 4)

Hays Fabricating received training money it found out about through email and the blog.

Hays Fabricating received training money it found out about through email and the blog.

This is the fourth in a series of my usage of social media.  Today concentrates on some of the success I’ve had with blogging in the economic development arena.  I am still VERY new at this, but it’s a good snapshot.

Blog stats and successes

I’m a numbers guy (if you hadn’t noticed), so I like to know what kind of activity is being generated.  The metrics available today are fabulous, and for me, motivating.  I started posting on May 20.  For the rest of the month, I got 98 views.  The next month traffic increased to 688 views (June 2009), and it bumped up again in July to 1374, where it stayed for the next (last) two months.  So far, the blog has gotten over 5,000 views.

Which posts have been most popular?

If you look at the most popular posts I’ve done, it is interesting reading.  A four-part series I did on Twitter tips for business (as I had a lot of requests), was very popular.  A few of the other popular posts cover the largest Springfield MSA (Clark County) employers, the largest economic development projects since 2001, State and local training incentives, and a couple of posts (one text, one a video interview) on Rudy’s Smokehouse BBQ.  A picture tour (over 100 photos) of the Credit Life Building in downtown Springfield is the most popular property post that’s been done. 

Example: Training Grant Seminar 2009

A recent blog success for me came as a result of a Training Grant Seminar the Manufacturers’ Council at the Chamber of Commerce put on.  Held on July 23 at Clark State’s Brinkman Center, I made video excerpts of each presentation (which I uploaded to YouTube) as well as got copies of and uploaded the presentations into SlideShare.  The video and slides were then embedded into a series of blog posts and also links were integrated into a post about the event itself so that people could find each speaker’s content (Jim Franks from Clark State, Mary Benedict from ODOD, and Lehan Peters from WorkPlus were the speakers).  After putting out updates to the Manufacturers Council after the event, we had companies that could not attend the event access the information, then set up meetings to access some of the training funds, in particular tens of thousands of dollars Lehan Peters had available.   The link used to refer to the blog post itself (which was used in Twitter and email updates) has gotten almost 200 clicks.  And manufacturers like Hays Fabricating who did not attend the seminar and who were not aware of the grant funding before, were able to get contracts done with WorkPlus thus flowing thousands of training dollars to local companies. 

What about you?

What have been your biggest successes thus far in blogging?  Where did you go wrong?


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