Sharing on steroids – YouTube, Flickr, SlideShare – Social Media Autobiography (Part 3)


Share, share, share – YouTube, Flickr, and SlideShare

The second big “development” was my learning how to upload and then embed pictures, video, and PowerPoint presentations directly into the blog post – meaning you could actually watch the video or go through the slides without having to leave the post.  I started getting my money’s worth out of my Olympus FE230 digital point and shoot camera, which allows me to shoot about 400 pics or 55 minutes of YouTube quality video (with a 2GB card).  The camera goes with me wherever I go and goes in my old BlackBerry holster on my right hip.  My actual BlackBerry goes on the left.  I laugh at the fact that when I used to carry two cell phones (work and personal) and then a PDA and cell phone in the late 90s and early part of this decade, they used to call me “quick draw” Zak.  When the cell and PDA merged, and I could reduced it down to one cell phone, I had it down to one device on the belt.  I’m now back to my former geeky ways. 


The growth of the online video sharing service YouTube is unbelievable.  It’s only 4 years old (launched Feb. 2005) and over 1.2 billion (that’s with a b) video streams per day, which means that on average, every single person on the Internet watches one YouTube video per day.  I had started using YouTube in 2008, but only started really using the service in June of this year.  I now have 86 videos uploaded (a rate of about 20 per month), and those videos have been viewed over 2500 times.  Granted, some of those videos are different segments of the same event (YouTube limits you to 10 min. videos), but still, the numbers are encouraging.  And my marketing and business intuition tells me the desire to receive information via video will only increase. 

As far as the content I record, I tend to do interviews and/or record presentations and events.  I also mix in some personal video as I experience some of the great things to do and see in the region (part of selling the quality of life).


The online picture sharing service Flickr was launched one year earlier (Feb. 2004), and the number of pictures uploaded – 3.6 billion – is also staggering.  I started using Flickr as my online picture repository at the same time I started heavy YouTube use (June 4, 2009).  I now have over 900 pictures up in 35 different sets (collections of pictures), also with over 2500 views.  This is a rate of about 200 pictures per month.  There are other services out there, but I have found I am very comfortable with Flickr and plan to continue to use it.  I especially like the Flickr Uploader, which lets me upload everything without opening the web, tagging, organizing (in sets), and titling/commenting each picture as I wish.  Very nice. 

For me, Flickr is great for taking pictures of property (sites and buildings), as well as companies, facilities, and projects.  People, events, and attractions (which I also often video) are also good fodder for Flickr uploading.  I also take many more pics than what I upload. 


I discovered SlideShare (which launched in 2006), the YouTube of PowerPoint presentations, about six weeks after beginning heavy YouTube and Flickr usage.  I uploaded my first slide presentation on July 15, 2009 and now have 14 slide presentations up (about 4 per month), with over 900 views in the last 3 months.  Most of my slide presentations are those of people who have given a presentation to either our business outreach (HITS) team or at a Chamber event.

How do you share?

I am interested in knowing what sharing services you like to use and why as well as neat features you’ve discovered.  What are your preferences?  What don’t you like?  Interested in your feedback.

>> My YouTube channel

>> My Flickr channel

>> My SlideShare channel


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