Why I blog + use WordPress – Social Media Autobiography (Part 2)

My blog on WordPress

My blog on WordPress

Blogging & Twitter together – May 20, 2009

Whereas LinkedIn provided a great way to develop, manage, and use my professional network and made sense to me early, it was only recently that I caught a vision of why I had to blog.  Blogging has been around a while, since the 1990s, reaching the masses in 1999, when the popular blogger.com site was launched.  I tinkered with personal blogs here and there but was never motivated very long.  It was in trying to figure out Twitter and how I might use it that the Twitter-blog strategy developed.  I would write a daily blog post and promote it on my Twitter account.  After all, I saw that to be effective at Twitter (and the biggest challenge when starting), I would need at least one good post (tweet), and the blog post would cover that.  Everything after that was “cream,” or extra.  So, I started using both Twitter and WordPress (my blogging platform) at the same time on May 20, 2009.   

Research-based marketing has to be info-rich, multimedia-rich, and easy to access

The compulsion to blog came from a long-held belief that economic development marketing (economic development = helping to create and retain jobs and investment in a community, region or state), as is traditionally practiced, is no longer sufficient to put together a cogent case for companies and consultants information hungry and a desire to find everything easily on the net.  It no longer seemed sufficient when thinking about, developing, and managing brand, the story, the community narrative as well as when thinking about and developing a strategy related to targeted industries, future park and infrastructure development, etc.  A new, more research, more testimonial, more information-intensive, more web accessible, more multi-media marketing must be employed.  The foundation is a ton of research that I think is necessary to understand what the product is – the companies, the projects, the resources, the stats, the things to do and see, etc. – these are the things that need to be researched, analyzed, and crafted into stories.  It closely coincides with the idea of developing an encyclopedia of economic development nuggets that can be used to reveal who and what the community is.

WordPress makes it easy and professional

The compulsion and ultimately performance (I have consistently written daily since May) was also fueled and promoted by two big simultaneous developments.  First, the WordPress platform made it easy to customize the “webpage.”  Using Photoshop, a template (called Themes in WordPress), and some widgets, I had a functional, nice-looking “website” up and running in an evening.  The platform provides a way to search the blog for content.  The platform allows me to tag posts so that they rank high in Google searches.  The platform allows me to easily set-up RSS feeds and the post sent by email.  It also has a easy-to-use CMS (Content Management System).  In other words, posting (or publishing) content is very easy (especially compared to the CMS our current website has).  Easily customizable, looks good, searchable, ranks high in search, provides multiple ways for readers to get content – very impressive and a hugh driver in my adopting the technology for what I do.  It also is important to note the all of this is free (except for my time, of course).

What do you do?

One of my hopes through this series is to get some comments from others on how they’re using social media.  For this post, are you blogging?  If so, how long have you been doing it and on what platform(s)?  Have you tried more managing more than one blog?  Are you good at blog commenting (which I am not yet)?  All thoughts and recommendations appreciated.  Thanks!

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