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Apple butter + elephant ears = fun

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Our first experience at the fair 

It was getting late this Saturday afternoon when Grace and I hopped in the car and rode off to Enon, a quick 14-mile drive from our house on the north side of Springfield.  We found a parking lot upon entering Enon, and we parked for free.  Vendors were lined up on the street, and we enjoyed some great root beer, an elephant ear (Grace at the whole thing–her first one), and bought an OSU ornament from a friendly vendor.  Unfortunately, we missed the canning of the apple butter, which usually starts around 12 and happens every hour until about 5 (on Sat.) and until 4 (on Sun.).  The Enon Historial Society puts the event on, and it was its 13th year.  We will make sure to come earlier for this and the Yellow Springs Street Fair in 2010.

Grace did enjoy the big inflatable gym

There was face painting, an inflatable gym, and a cariacture artist.  Fun for the kids.

What the fair offers

From the website…

  • Food, Food and More Food – Pork Chops, Hot Dogs, Chicken Noodles, Apple Dumplings, Walking Tacos, Funnel cakes, Sausages, Hamburgers, Peanuts in the shell and by the bag, Shaved Ice and of course APPLE BUTTER. Food vendors are required to setup in booths and cook the products on site. Food trailers are not allowed on the grounds.
  • Crafts and Gifts – All Craft booths are judged by the committee and are of homemade quality. Manufactured crafts are not allowed in the festival.
  • Demonstrations – The Enon Community Historical Society volunteers demonstrate the Apple Butter production by cooking all apple butter sold over a fire in copper kettles. Cider by the cup, 25 cents, is available at the Historical Society’s booth.
  • Music and Entertainment – Music from the past adds to the festival atmosphere throughout the entire festival. Greenon High School band and choir entertain the public on Saturday at the Opening Ceremony.

>> Enon Apple Butter Festival

>> Yellow Springs Street Fair

>> The Ark Band


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