My first experience of Springfield’s OKtoberfest + CultureFest

My first time at OKtoberfest/CultureFest

After getting off of work on Friday, I decided to mosey on down to the OKtoberfest, which was joining the city’s CultureFest for the first time this year, combining to make one big event.  This was easy since my building is right across from the City Plaza, and I could walk about 100 ft and reach the festival.  It was raining, and it was early, but I had a few good takeaways.  Saturday featured all of the good stuff for 13th annual CultureFest, but I wasn’t able to make it.  Let me report what I saw.  First of all, I saw a lot of great food and drink (beer was there a plenty…would it be OKtoberfest without it).  Second, there was live entertainment on the Kiwanis OKtoberfest stage.  I saw Johnny Koenig and his band play a traditional German festival song (in English, of course).  I captured it on video below.  Saturday night there were multiple stages with entertainment.  Third, I saw lots of things for the kids to do, from bouncing to booths with activities.  Lastly, I saw a lot of great people.  I can’t wait to attend again next year and experience not only OKtoberfest but also CultureFest

>> OKtoberfest/CultureFest website (at City)

>> This year’s entertainment schedule

>> Springfield News-Sun article (9/22/2009)

>> Photos from the Springfield News-Sun of CultureFest


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