State’s Director of Entrepreneurship + Small Biz explains services

A meeting of the HITS business outreach team

A meeting of the HITS business outreach team

Iris Cooper visits the HITS team

Many of you may already know that we have an innovative (at least in my opinion, lol) business outreach program called HITS (for assisting companies connect with hiring, investment, training, and space resources).  Every month a core group of the larger HITS team meets to discuss projects and how things are going.  A key element of that is a resource speaker.  For September, the speaker was Iris Cooper, Director of the Entrepreneurship and Small Business Division at ODOD.

New for the blog – video + slides together

I’m going to try something new in this post.  I’m going to combine video and the slides the person presented with.  You should be able to play the video and follow along on the slides at the same time.  The second video excerpt is at the bottom, so that you would only need to scroll down and have the slides on top and video second part on the bottom.  I would love feedback on whether this is helpful.

>> HITS Program

>> Ohio Department of Development (ODOD)

>> ODOD’s Entrepreneurship & Small Business Division


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