Mark James – Good presentation on LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube

This will be a first for this blog.  Not the fact that I’m doing something about social media.  After all, I’ve done a series on Twitter and will be doing one on LinkedIn here shortly.  This will be the first time I’ve embedded someone else’s content, but this is good stuff.  And I know Mark James; he’s a good guy.  So when I came across a very good presentation he did last month, I thought it worth sharing.  Mark owns and runs ED Solutions, a company that helps economic development folks use technology to improve what they’re doing.  I consider myself a heavy Twitter user, heavy YouTube user, and moderate LinkedIn user, and I got several good nuggets out of the presentation.  I don’t think it only applies to ED but also to all business, so I include it here as a business resource.

ED Solutions Website

Twitter Backgrounds Gallery

How to create a Twitter background

The Top 20 Twitter Apps


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