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Construction on whitewater project continues

Here’s the latest video from Kevin Loftis, who along with his brother John, is working on the new whitewater project.

Here is an excerpt from a Springfield News-Sun article by Elaine Morris-Roberts:

“Another park, to be situated along Buck Creek, will improve the area’s ability to attract visitors.

When completed, the recreational sports corridor will be comprised of four white-water stations along the creek from Pumphouse Road through Snyder Park.

“This is the single most important component in (creating Springfield) as a destination town,” (Greater Springfield Chamber President Mike) McDorman said.

The site will accommodate individual recreational users in small one- or two-person watercraft like canoes, kayaks or inflatable kayaks, but will not be viable for commercial white-water rafting use, said project originator John Loftis.

The project is currently privately funded and each site is expected to cost between $250,000 and $350,000 depending on the number of water features. Construction at each site is expected to take two to three months.

As part of the project, a bouldering-area is being built at Veteran’s Park that will utilize the existing natural rock structures. Bouldering is like rock-climbing but participants get only a few feet off the ground. Drawing people to Springfield for recreation has the potential to expose visitors to other aspects of the community, potentially bringing new businesses and residents, said Tom Franzen, the city’s economic development administrator.”

Contact this reporter at (937) 328-0371 or elroberts@coxohio.com.

>> Read also article today from WHIO


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