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Great experience at new $14M Ohio Valley Medical Center

OVMC entrance

OVMC entrance - click for 20 photos from visit

The new Ohio Valley Medical Center

It was exciting in 2009 to see The Ohio Valley Medical Center (OVMC) open for business.  The OVMC is a new 24-bed, short-stay surgical hospital in downtown Springfield, Ohio, owned by 37 area surgeons.  It is 46,000 square feet and cost an estimated $14-16 million, between real property development and equipment.  The facility expects to employ 100 by the end of the first year.  The center was given full accreditation by the Joint Commission for hospital accreditation.

Tubes in Grace’s ears – August 20, 2009

My own experience with OVMC was a fantastic one.  On August 20, Grace had bilateral tubes put in her ears by Dr. Duvall, one of the partners at OVMC and a well-respected ENT physician.  Grace has had multiple ear infections the last couple of years, so in the spring we (Dr. Duvall, Cindy and I) decided we would put tubes in her ears in the fall (she never got ear infections in the summer).  So, we scheduled the surgery, I took off work, and we arrived bright and early a little after 6 am the day of.

The intake coordinator was very friendly, and the lobby was comforting.  I enjoyed the many pictures of Springfield’s history and historic buildings.  We were one of only two families there that early.  Eventually, we were taken back to a waiting room.  Grace was given a “special shirt” to put on, and the nurse explained to her what was happening (taking blood pressure, etc.) and what was going to happen.  The staff gave her a yellow harmonica, which helped her focus on something fun and not be so scared or stressed out.  She also got her special hat, and in the pictures (http://bit.ly/seovmcf), you can see her smiling from ear to ear.  The anesthesiologist came in and spoke with us as well.  Everyone was comforting, friendly, and answered all our questions.

After surgery, Grace didn’t take long to wake up but wasn’t feeling great.  A very nice touch was that they gave her a flower before leaving.  She liked it and held it the entire way home.  I love the photo of her in the back of the car with the flower.  You can tell she isn’t feeling well, but she’s holding that flower!

>> Ohio Valley Medical Center website – www.myovmc.com

>> “Downtown projects mark progress in city” 3/8/2009 (Springfield News-Sun)


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