New training series for tech entrepreneurs to start Aug. 27


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Entrepreneurial Development Series

The Net Incubator is hosting a four-course series for entrepreneurs to be taught at their location in the Nextedge Applied Research + Technology Park.  The idea is that planning is a learned skill and the “Entrepreneurial Development Series” teaches entrepreneurs planning and assessment skills, business concept development and feasibility studies to serve as components of a comprehensive business plan. This series will assist entrepreneurs’ progress through the stages of commercialization & learn how to mobilize the right resources to build a sustainable company.

4 Courses + Objectives

August 27, 6 – 9 p.m.
1.  Entrepreneurship & New Ventures – continuing education workshop
Commercializing New Technologies: From Mind to Market
• Identify & evaluate the viability of a new venture
• Utilize a practical methodology of tools and worksheets to assess commercial success
• Build the framework of a business plan 

September 24, 6 – 9 p.m.
2. Managing a Start-up Business – continuing education workshop
Understand How to Successfully Transition to Market Entry:
• Learn to identify the facts, myths, and critical assumptions to validate the business to investors/customers
• Learn how to make the transition to mobilize resources (financial, product, and sales & market requirements)

October 29, 6 – 9 p.m.
3. Financing a Startup Venture – continuing education workshop
Learn about Funding Resources to Mitigate Risk:
• Explain the concepts of entrepreneurial finance and its difference to traditional corporate finance
• Determine the financing needs of an entrepreneurial firm and help entrepreneurs navigate the process and milestones to successfully attracting multiple funding sources
• Explain how different financial resources of an entrepreneurial firm are managed and monitored

November 19, 6 – 9 p.m.
4. Value Selling For Entrepreneurs – continuing education workshop
Building Growth & Sustainability:
• This course will teach students a value-based framework that will assist them in successfully selling and achieving their desired result.
• During the workshop each entrepreneur will take a personal inventory of their selling skills and work to modify and enhance them to get the most out of every entrepreneurial situation in convincing customers or financial backers to purchase or fund your product/service.

Registration + Location

The fee per workshop is $75 including workbook and resource guide. Another company representative may attend for $25 per course.  Please register by email or phone:;  cell 937.307.5442; office 937.376.6192.  Address: 250 Veronia Dr., Suite 300, Springfield, OH 45505.


For first three courses – Jim Zins.  Jim Zins has 30 years of diversified experience and has been a CFO at  small to mid-size companies since 1995.  He has worked at a nanotechnology company at TechColumbus, a software company and several manufacturers.  He worked for a business owner whose holdings included a $20 million venture capital fund.  He was the senior financial officer at two companies which had successful venture capital closings.  He currently is a partner at Focus Business Solutions which provides outsourced CFO services on a part-time basis and helps small to mid-size companies with cash flow, forecasting and understanding and improving their operations from a financial perspective.  Jim began his career in public accounting and was a senior audit manager at Ernst & Young where he was also the Columbus Director of Education and instructed national seminars.  He earned the CTM distinction for Toastmasters International and received his BSBA from John Carroll University.

The Net Incubator

The National Environmental Technology Incubator (NETI) an affiliate of Central State University,has opened the doors to a new 4,000 sq. ft facility in the newly developed NextEdge Applied Research & Technology Park in Springfield, Ohio.  The NETI accelerates the development of start-up companies by providing entrepreneurs with an array of targeted business resources and services.

The NETI provides the following: Technology transfer and intellectual property protection; Affordable office & lab space; Business mentoring;  Access to venture capital networks; Commercialization-specific business training; and other critically needed services in the incubation/demonstration stages of business development.  The focus of the NETI is to help transform technology concepts into viable businesses to increase technology jobs and revenue growth for the benefit of the region.

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