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25 Twitter tips for business – Part 4 (bonus tips)

OK, so I guess I wasn’t quite done.  Here is the last (for now) on my Twitter tips, some extras I didn’t want to leave out.  Other tips: http://bit.ly/setwitter1, http://bit.ly/setwitter2, http://bit.ly/setwitter3.  Also, just found Chris Brogan’s “Brief and Informal Twitter Etiquette Guide” – also useful – http://bit.ly/WwJQb.


26. Measure for fun

There are a number of sites that allow you to measure your status in the Twitterverse.  My favorite is Twitter Grader – http://twitter.grader.com.  Simply put in your handle, and it will calculate a grade (a percentage grade, with 100 being the highest) based on a number of factors including the number of followers, the ratio of those following you to those you follow, the number of tweets, the number of mentions, etc.  It’s their secret sauce, and they won’t tell you how they come up with the formula, but your percentage grade ranks you in the Twitterverse.  If you rank 95 or higher, you are (according to their formula), in the top 5 percent of Twitterers.  You can also then see the elite in your community or state and see how you stack up against others.  Twinfluence (www.twinfluence) is another, but I don’t use it that often.

27. Use the phone!

Once you get hooked in to Twitter, and get the Twitter mobile number (40404, I believe), put it into your cell phone.  Then, when you want to tweet, you simply send an SMS (text) message to Twitter, and it automatically posts.  Remember, though that Twitter only does 140 characters, whereas most text messages allow for 160 characters so be aware that when you get to 20 characters left, you are done!  I am using this more and more.

28. Customize your Twitter page

I highly recommend creating a customized Twitter profile.  The way this can be done is by changing the background image with one you have created, which includes background information in the left margin.  Two great articles on principles can be found here- http://bit.ly/bBpHX (TwiTip) and http://bit.ly/3UMewZ (Mashable).  You simply upload your image within settings.  Mine are 1280 x 800 pixels, and I keep it narrow.  I have to redo my own!

29. Do it yourself

I don’t recommend outsourcing your Twitter activities.  I had a discussion with @billyfischer on this very topic last week, and Billy was working on this for a client.  It gets difficult with the speed of Twitter and the frequent need for content to do this for others.  In addition, people on Twitter get the sense you aren’t really doing it, or it doesn’t have a personal touch.  Remember – you can use Twitter without actually having a profile (but how much fun is that?)

30. Keep going

Twitter is not a short-term fix or solution (is there such a thing that really delivers ROI?).  It is a good way to begin to develop relationships, learn, add value, communicate, etc., but it doesn’t come quickly or overnight, despite what some of the Twitter marketers tell you.  Don’t be discouraged.  Keep working at it, and you’ll get better and better at it.


One Response

  1. David –

    Well done. It’s obvious you’ve put a lot of work into developing these tips. A few tips I use over and over when talking about Twitter:
    1. Focus on quality, not quantity. I’m talking about follower counts and tweets here. We get very distracted with numbers. I believe a quality conversation will always take you further.

    2. Treat it like a flowing river. Jump into the conversation, jump out of the conversation. If you try to swim downstream to catch everything you missed, be prepared to be overwhelmed.

    3. Would you put on your desk at work? Before posting anything to Twitter I ask myself this question. Sometimes I might make the wrong choice, but in general this helps me keep the stupid comments and photos to myself.

    Good stuff David.

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