Wittenberg’s Center for Civic & Urban Engagement unique


Preparing for Future Jobs is one of CCUE's four initiatives

Most information here taken from the Center’s website as well as Wittenberg University’s.

Established 9/28/2008

Founded last year and publicly announced on September 28, 2008 with Ohio Lt. Governor Lee Fisher, Wittenberg University’s Center for Civic & Urban Engagement is the first of its kind.  Wittenberg University, a private college in Springfield Ohio, is unique in its service requirement as well as being located in the urban core of a city.  Managed by Stephanie McCuiston and Faculty Director and Mayor of Springfield, Warren Copeland, the Center seeks to assist the community move forward in four key areas: (1) improving the housing quality, (2) preparing for future jobs, (3) strengthening after school programs, and (4) renewing the core and creek.  It does this through the Community Internship Program by providing the students opportunities to work on these key intitiatives while offering the community some of the best and brightest to assist in these large initiatives. 

The initiatives

The first, Renewing the Core and the Creek, will not only explore how best to market the core of Springfield and the planned recreational use for Buck Creek, but also provide a live laboratory for both Wittenberg and local K-12 science course study. The second initiative, Strengthening After School Programs, will use Wittenberg’s recently awarded federal grant aimed at improving after-school programs to examine how such programs are serving the needs of at-risk youth in Springfield. For the Center’s third initiative, Preparing for Future Jobs, the Center will help Wittenberg participate in current attempts by the State of Ohio to partner with colleges and universities to address education and training in areas of greatest demand in order to assist the transition from manufacturing to higher-tech manufacturing and knowledge-intensive work. Lastly, under Improving Housing Quality, the Center will play a significant role in gathering information that will help policy makers address the issue of housing quality in the area and in channeling volunteer efforts by faculty, staff and students.

Staff + Management of the Center

The CCUE is managed by Warren Copeland, Stephanie McCuiston, and Matt Lynch.  Springfield native Stephanie McCuistion, former coordinator, scheduler and direct liaison in the local office of Congressman Dave Hobson, will serve as administrative director, and fellow Springfield native Matt Lynch, Wittenberg class of 2008 and founder of WittEnterprises, will serve as the assistant to the director. 

Wittenberg professor and Springfield Mayor Dr. Warren Copeland serves as faculty director and unique in that, to his and our knowledge, is the only mayor of a city who is also a Professor of Religion noted for his scholarship in social ethics.  He co-edited an introductory text on social ethics, Issues of Justice, and writes on topics such as welfare, racism, economic policy, energy, and Third World development.  Copeland’s research focuses on ethics and economics, which is reflected in his book Economic Justice: The Social Ethics of U.S. Economic Policy. Copeland also studies welfare reform, the subject of his book And the Poor Get Welfare.  Receiving several grants to pursue these studies, Copeland received the Distinguished Teaching Award from Wittenberg’s Alumni Association in 1995.  Copeland has designed numerous courses, including The Ethics of Limits: Hunger and Energy, Ethics of Racism, The Ethics of Poverty, The Ethics of Political Economy, and Ethics and Urban Life.  In addition to directing the Urban Studies Program, Copeland was the first director of Wittenberg’s Common Learning Program.  Appointed to the Springfield City Commission in 1988, he has been elected four times to four-year terms. The Commission selected him three times to two-year terms as mayor, and he currently serves in that position.  Copeland’s B.A. comes from MacMurray College, which named him Distinguished Alumnus of the Year in 1983. He earned his M.Div. from Christian Theological Seminary and his M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of Chicago. He joined the Wittenberg faculty in 1977. 

>> Wittenberg University – www.wittenberg.edu
>> Center for Civic & Urban Engagement – www.engagespringfield.com
>> Press release on creation – www.engagespringfield.com/media.html
>> Upcoming Passport to Springfield event – http://bit.ly/2k2Wv


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