Green company converts waste to fuel briquettes

A RUF wood press

A RUF wood press

The administration for the US operation of RUF Maschenbau GmbH & Co. KG is located in Springfield, Ohio.   The relationship between the German-American Development Corporation, located in Springfield, and the German company, who keeps a sales rep in northeast Ohio, started last year.  A law firm out of Columbus that specializes in German clients referred the briquette maker to Folker Hemmann, head of the GADC.  The relationship has been a good one.

What is briquetting?

Briquetting is the process of turning organic and non-organic waste into brick-like shapes (briquettes) that then can be burned to produce heat.  On the organic side, RUF’s machines can make briquettes out of cotton, polystyrene, paper, wood, hay, flax, paper, cardboard, foam, tobacco, and millings.  Inorganic materials that can be shaped into briquettes include brass, bronze, steel wool, steel millings, aluminum, aluminum cans, zinc dust, graphite dust, copper, titanium, magnesium and grinding swarf.  The process was developed in the 1970s due to the energy crisis.

History of RUF

The Ruf Company of Germany (RUF Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG) was founded in 1969 when  Mr. Hans Ruf started a service company to bark trees.  In 1982, Ruf invented and patented his first trial press for making briquettes from organic residual materials, including wood.   In 1985, the first press was sold and is still working today.  They have continually expanded their company, building a new 17,000 sf facility in 1994, opening an office building in 2004, and expanding production space again in 2005 and 2008, reaching ca. 100,000 sf.   They have 90 employees and have sold over 2000 machines operating in over 90 countries.

German-American Development Corporation

In 1995, Folker Hemmann, head of the German-American Development Corporation, started his business by mailing letters of introduction to thousands of medium-sized German companies.  He put forth the value proposition that if a German company could find someone to sell to the US market, he could take care of establishing the company, maintaining the books, and navigating the regulations of US business for them.  And he would do it for a monthly fee with no long-term contract.  Since that time Hemmann has helped 8 companies cross the ocean and establish a presence in Springfield, Ohio.

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  1. >Herzlichen Dank für diesen Informativen Blog. Habe ihn gleich in meine Bookmarks eingetragen. Maschinenbau ist eine der ältesten Ingenieursdisziplinen, dabei bildet die klassische Physik die Grundlage der technischen Mechanik, Thermodynamik und Werkstoffwissenschaften und somit die Grundlage für weitere Aspekte (Konstruktion, Simulation, Materialmodellierungen). Mit alle diesen Disziplinen und weiteren Themengebieten des Maschinenbau finden sich aktuelle Anwenderreportagen und Applikationsbeispiele auf dem Industrieportal

    Weiter so……

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