Seasons bistro offers sophisticated cuisine, intimate atmosphere

I’m a regular

I love food.  Always have.  And, I’m not a food snob.  I love gourmet to fast food.  But, I love a great dining experience.  And those always have three components: (1) great food, (2) great service, and (3) a great environment (ambience).  So, it is a fabulous thing that the restaurant next door to where I work is a place that delivers on all three.  I’ve always loved Cameron Mitchell’s restaurant concepts, and Seasons Bistro and Grille is in the same vein – but with local flair.  They try to use locally grown, seasonal items as often as possible.

The restaurant

Seasons opened in downtown Springfield the week of Feb. 25, 2008 in the space formerly occupied by Hart’s Jewelers.  It is the first, full-service restaurant to open downtown since Mela opened in the Courtyard by Marriott in April 2004.  The owners conceived of the seasons theme as a reflection of rotating the menus four times a year –in the winter, spring, summer, and fall.  This always keeps things interesting, fresh and new.  For example, the soups on the summer menu include cold cucumber (fabulous) and yellow tomato bisque (haven’t tried yet).  They also offer a full bar.  Seasons is open for lunch Monday through Friday and dinner Wednesday through Saturday.

The food

Mattox and McGregor did research for more than a year on the food and even raided the secret family recipe box.  Their house dressing, for example, is grandmother’s recipe for Lemon Vinaigrette.  Each seasonal menu has about 8-10 items as well as a soup, pizza, and pasta of the day for lunch and two to three specials for dinner.  There are great versions of standard fare but also some culinary adventures to be had.  And this applies even to the desserts!  They serve Jeni’s ice cream, and the current flavors are Lime Cardamom, Kone Stout, and Goat Cheese with Roasted Cherries.

Doug + Margaret – co-owners and brother/sister

The managers of Seasons, Doug McGregor and Margaret Mattox, are a brother-sister team and natives of Springfield.  Doug is the head chef and spent many years cooking in restaurants in Durango, CO and also in Vail, CO (including the Sonnenalp Resort).  He completed a degree in culinary arts at the Colorado Mountain College.  Margaret is a former deaf education teacher who loves good food.  The best thing about Doug and Margaret, though, is how active they are in the restaurant, talking to the patrons about their love of food and life, their family and the great community of Springfield. 

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