XX – Industrial – KTK Industrial Park building now off the market

5245 Prosperity Dr. – Industrial 
Springfield, OH
Not available as of 8/6/2009 – just leased

History – a Navistar supplier building  

The building has always housed suppliers to Navistar.  The first company that occupied it was Bentz Industries when it was built in 1988, and Bentz mounted roofs on the 9800 cabs for Navistar.  Bentz went out of business and in 1995 Valco Truck & Trim was created as a spinoff company of Valco Logistics to serve that business.  Valco Truck & Trim also installed interior trim components as well.  The 9800 cab was discontinued in 1998, and in 1999 the company started working on the Class 8 OTR ProSleeper cabs, that went to Chatham. Those cabs were being produced by Navistar’s Lagonda plant, which made cabs for all of its assembly plants in Springfield; Chatham, Ontario; Garland, Texas; and Escobeto, Mexico.  That facility closed in 2004, and Valco Truck & Trim went out of business.  The building stood vacant for about a year adn was then occupied by Kaffenbarger Welding in 2005.  Kaffenbarger, which still has facilities in the Cincinnati area as well as Garland, Texas, did right-hand drive conversions for Navistar in the building, making the trucks usable in places where right-side driving is required, like South Africa and Brazil.  Kaffenbarger occupied the building until a month or so ago.   

KTK Industrial Park

This 40-acre park was developed in 1984 and was completely built out by 1994, with 475,000 sf of industrial space having been built out between six facilities, the largest of which is the 305,000 sf building being used by Fontaine Modification.  Superior Trim, after their recent acquisition of Findlay Industries, operates two facilities at about 100,000 sf total, with Horner Industrial Services (Scherer Division) operating a 28,000 sf facility and Stewart Manufacturing operating a 16,000 sf facility. 

Property Data

Property Type:  Industrial
Secondary Type: General Use / Warehouse
Building Size: 30,000 sf
Total Space Avail: 30,000 sf
Annual Rent: $3.75/sf Net
Purchase Price: not available for purchase
Land Area: 3.49 ac
Year Built:  1988
Ceiling Height:  
Doors: 8 docks, 3 drive-in doors
Cranes: One 10 ton crane
R/E Agent: Doug Cox
Agency: Levine Realty
Email: drcox@levinerealtyco.com
Phone: (937) 323-9765

>> Pictures of building – http://bit.ly/10zcii
>> Google Maps – http://bit.ly/46Wnu1
>> GIS Listing – http://bit.ly/mYKTz

>> Superior Trim acquisition of Findlay Industries – http://bit.ly/nx5io
>> Superior Trim – www.suptrim.com
>> Fontaine Modification – www.fontainemod.com
>> Stewart Mfg. (MacRae’s profile) – http://bit.ly/yeX4g
>> Horner Industrial Services/Scherer Division – www.scherer-industrial.com

>> Property Listing Terms of Use: http://tinyurl.com/sepropterms


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