Trucking company Imperial Express expands – new location, routes, technology

Imperial Express VP Dale Brigss with one of the IE trucks

Imperial Express VP Dale Brigss with one of the IE trucks

The company

Imperial Express, Inc., a subsidiary of Valco Logistics, was founded in October 2004 and is a 48-state transportation specialist with Canadian and Mexican transportation authority.  Its Trucking Division is based in Springfield, Ohio and specializes in Full and Partial Truck Load Freight Hauling and provides expedited and dedicated 53 foot van and 48 foot flatbed services.  Current 3rd party warehouses are located in Springfield, Ohio, Louisville, KY, Reno, NV and Imperial, CA


Their primary business was hauling large material racks for Navistar between Navistar, its suppliers, and Hays Fabricating & Welding who do all the rack repair.  In addition to Navistar, they also serve Hydro Aluminum in Sidney, Ohio and A&E Powder Coating in Springfield.  They haul everything from industrial racks to pop, Gatorade, and dog food.  They have 12 trucks and haul to 26 states.  They have 13 drivers as well as Dale and the dispatcher.  

Expansion, new location, new technology

Imperial Express has completed doubled its business in the Midwest region including adding several new interstate routes to the standard operating territory.  The customer requirement for responsive and efficient transportation continues to be in demand even with the increased costs for fuel and operating expenses.  Imperial Express has received “Preferred Carrier Status” with several major global manufacturing companies.

In October 2008, Imperial Express moved from 1311 Lagonda Ave. to a 15,000 sf facility at 6915 Urbana Rd.  With the extra space, they can offer warehousing, cross-docking, sub-assemblies, and many other services.  There are 6 docks in the clear-span building.  In addition, Imperial Express has expanded its technology systems to include additional Internet based scheduling and tracking, and computerized paperless invoicing.

Imperial Express VP Dale Briggs

Dale Briggs is originally from Springfield and is a graduate of Wittenberg University.  He worked for O’Cedar-Vining when it was owned by the Leventhal family and then went to work for Valco Truck and Trim, which went out of business when the product line went to Canada.  He then joined Valco Logistics, now the parent company of Imperial Express, which has warehouses in Louisville and Reno.  In 2004, he became a partner with Jim Valentine and Charlie Crabill of Imperial Express, and he now manages the daily operations and directs new business development.

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