80 news + events links for Springfield OH metro

Sometimes I write blog posts for my own use but also want to share with others.  This is one of those cases.  As I become a Twitterholic and try to be up on all the business happenings, resources, and events, I thought it would be helpful to compile a list of the best online links for information in the Springfield OH metro area (Clark County).  This includes some regional, state and federal agencies as well, whose policies and programs affect our community.  I hope you find it useful.  I know I will…lol. 

SpringfieldEdge = economic development + biz + quality of life

Daily Blog – http://bit.ly/seblog
Blog daily email sign up – http://bit.ly/sebloge
Twitter – http://twitter.com/SpringfieldEdge
eNewsletter (monthly) – http://business.greaterspringfield.com/news.html

News – print media online (local)

Springfield News-Sun – www.springfieldnewssun.com
SNS – Twitter – http://twitter.com/springfieldnews
SNS – Archive Search – www.springfieldnewssun.com/services/archive
Springfield Net – www.springfieldohio.net
The Springfield Paper – www.thespringfieldpaper.com

News – print/broadcast media online (regional)

Business First of Columbus – http://columbus.bizjournals.com
Dayton B2B – www.daytondailynews.com/business
Dayton B2B on Twitter – www.twitter.com/daytonb2b
Dayton Business Journal – http://bizjournals.com/dayton
DBJ Twitter – http://twitter.com/dbjnews
Dayton Daily News – www.daytondailynews.com
DDN on Twitter – http://twitter.com/daytonnews
Urbana Daily Citizen – www.urbanacitizen.com
Yellow Springs News – www.ysnews.com
WDTN Channel NBC2 Dayton – www.wdtn.com
WHIO Channel CBS7 Dayton – www.whiotv.com
WHIO on Twitter – www.twitter.com/whiotv
WKEF ABC22  Dayton – http://abc.daytonsnewssource.com
WKSW Kiss Country 101.7FM – www.kisscountry.com
WRGT Fox45 Dayton – http://fox.daytonsnewssource.com
WYSO 91.3FM public radio  news – http://bit.ly/355b1

News – state/national online media

Google News (Springfield, OH search) – http://bit.ly/ZlgtP
Google News Alerts – http://bit.ly/Lxc2O
Gongwer – www.gongwer-oh.com
Gongwer Twitter – http://twitter.com/gongwer
ONN TV – www.onntv.com
ONN TV on Twitter – www.twitter.com/onntv
PR Newswire search – www.prnewswire.com 

News – local events

Center City Association – www.center-city.org
Chamber Events – http://bit.ly/10Vi18
Champions Expo Center – http://bit.ly/3pV47
Clark Co. Fairgrounds Events – http://bit.ly/GaHgs
Clark Co. Public Library Events – http://bit.ly/19ReOq
Convention & Visitors Bureau – http://cvb.greaterspringfield.com
CVB on Twitter – http://twitter.com/inspringfield
Performing Arts Center – http://pac.clarkstate.edu
Springfield Arts Council – www.springfieldartscouncil.org
Springfield Museum of Art – www.springfieldart.museum
Springfield Symphony – www.springfieldsym.org
Springfield Live – www.springfieldlive.com
Westcott House – www.westcotthouse.org/news/current.html
Westcott House on Twitter – http://twitter.com/WestcottHouse

News – local government + nonprofits

Clark County Commissioners (current agenda) – http://bit.ly/16uXo7
Clark County Safety Council – http://bit.ly/67nqW
Clark County TCC – www.clarktcc.com
Clark State Comm. College – www.clarkstate.edu/news_releases
Clark St. Twitter – http://twitter.com/clarkstate
Springfield City (commission agendas) – http://bit.ly/EgQmb
Wittenberg University – http://www4.wittenberg.edu/news

News – regional nonprofits

Champaign County Chamber – www.champaignohio.com
daytaOhio news – www.daytaohio.com/Recent_News
Dayton Chamber on Twitter – http://twitter.com/DaytonChamber
Dayton SCORE news – www.daytonscore.org/chapter_news.htm
Dayton SCORE newsletters – http://bit.ly/H0sBF
DDC events – http://www.daytonme3.com/events.aspx
DDC news – http://bit.ly/Ftm7B
EMTEC news – www.emtec.org/news/index.php
Montgomery County – www.mcohio.org
Montgomery Co. on Twitter – http://twitter.com/mcohio
NCC newsletters – http://bit.ly/xrMsJ
Southwestern Ohio PTAC events – www.swcoptac.org/events.htm
Yellow Springs Chamber – www.yellowspringsohio.org

News – state agencies + orgs

ODOD – http://development.ohio.gov/pressroom.htm
ODOT District 7 – http://bit.ly/2ZcgQN
Ohio Air National Guard – www.178fw.ang.af.mil/news
Ohio Air Qual. Dev. Auth. news – www.ohioairquality.org/news/default.asp
Ohio Board of Regents – http://regents.ohio.gov
Ohio BWC – www.ohiobwc.com/home/current/news.asp
Ohio Dept. of Ag news – http://bit.ly/GFCb7
Ohio LMI – http://lmi.state.oh.us/
Ohio Manufacturers’ Assoc. – www.ohiomfg.com
Ohio Rail Dev. Commission – http://bit.ly/y9jDU
Ohio Sec. of State media – www.sos.state.oh.us/SOS/mediaCenter.aspx
Ohio Stimulus Funds – http://recovery.ohio.gov 

News – federal government

Commercial News USA – www.thinkglobal.us
SBA – www.sba.gov/news/monthly/index.html
SBA email signup- http://web.sba.gov/list/
USDA Rural Dev – www.rurdev.usda.gov


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