Rudy’s Smokehouse BBQ opens second location, 40 new jobs

The new Rudy's Smokehouse BBQ location in Bechtle Ave. shopping district

The new Rudy's Smokehouse BBQ location in Bechtle Ave. shopping district

Rudy’s 2nd location opens, my experience

I had the chance last Friday to visit the new location of Rudy’s Smokehouse Barbeque at 1920 Bechtle Ave. and was very impressed.  It was the third day the “joint” (it has a great homey feel) had been open, and as my wife and I were looking for a quick lunch and she loves barbeque, we stopped by.   I had the chicken sandwich and Rudy’s burger along with green beans and collard greens, while she had the traditional favorite pulled pork, green beans and sweet potato fries.  It’s set up like Chipotle, where you order your food in line, receive it fresh right there and find a table.  The food was great, as were the BBQ sauces that complemented them, which Rudy’s provides in sweet, hot, and Carolina styles right at the table.  The thing with Rudy’s is the sides.  They are known for them and are given in huge portions.  They also have ribs and great no bake cookies.  We enjoyed the experience thoroughly and will be back.

The new project

Rudy Mosketti, the founder, along with owner Bill Fischer, have been cooking up barbeque in Springfield for over 40 years and for the last number of years, their main location has been at 2222 S. Limestone.  With a little over $200,000 of improvements, Rudy and Bill have succeeded in turning this former 3,500 square foot Gold Star Grill building into a Rudy’s Smokehouse Barbeque, with all of its down-home, Southern charm.  Over 40 jobs were created, many tied to the catering business as well, which can handle parties of up to 1,000. You can reach Rudy’s at 937.324.0084.

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