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First time at Farmer’s Market was great experience

My daughter Grace at the Springfield OH Farmers' Market enjoying a honey stick.
My daughter Grace at the Springfield OH Farmers’ Market enjoying a honey stick.

It was a great Saturday to go out and experience some of what Springfield has to offer.  We travelled down to the Heritage Center about noon, and parked the car.  Incidentally, there was plenty of parking on the south side of the Heritage Center, and the Farmer’s Market is on the north.  The sun was out and it was a balmy 75 degrees.  There were about 20 tables with everything including plants and flowers, baked goods, vegetables and fruit, homemade cheese, art, dog toys, and buffalo meat.  I bought a cucumber that weighed about a pound and a beautiful red, ripe tomato.  I was also going to buy some homemade cheese but it had sold out (that’s what happens when you go at noon).  Lastly, I bought a grape-flavored honey stick (cost me 10 cents) for Grace, who enjoyed it thoroughly. 

The people were friendly, the produce fresh, and there was some good conversation with local folks to boot.  Stu Secttor from the $15.2M Clark State Performing Arts Center was there talking about the upcoming season.  My family and I will certainly come again.  Not to mention, we took the opportunity to visit the Heritage Center, the best local museum I’ve ever seen, as well as the library and just sit on Fountain Square.  A great day.

The Farmer’s Market is open 9am to 1pm every Saturday from June 6 to September 5.  Realtor Gene Barnett coordinates the event (937.536.9408 if you have questions or want to sponsor a week), and any vendor interested in hawking their wares can contact Sherry Chen at 937.408.7171.

>> Additional pics from my visit – http://bit.ly/mU8el 
>> Springfield News-Sun article (5/15/2009) – http://bit.ly/11OCO4
>> Springfield News-Sun article (5/16/2009) – http://bit.ly/17tz4M
>> Center City’s page on the Farmer’s Market – http://bit.ly/kfEzI


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