$7.7M office building in tech park a success, space available

250 Veronia Dr. – Class A Office
Available as of 6/12/2009

Tenants in 2008 and 2009

I talked to Todd DuPlain with Synergy today, the company that built this building.  The project has been successful.  Several tenants locate in July and August of last year (2008)–Qbase, who takes up the third floor; SAIC and SpectraPhysics, who occupy some of the space on the third floor.  In 2009, NETI (the NET Incubator)–a project with collaboration and support from Central State University and Qbase among others) is setting up shop in some of the third floor as well.  There is still space available on the first and second floor for new tenants.

Best power and fiber tech park in Ohio

In our conversation, DuPlain said, “There isn’t another tech park around Wright Patterson Air Force Base or in Ohio for that matter with the power and data fiber infrstructure we have.”  Todd feels this building is really one of the best technology parks in Ohio and in the country–particularly when it comes to infrastructure such as power and fiber.  It’s rumored that the bandwidth is so large that the entire Library of Congress could be moved through it in 10 seconds.  In addition to general technology companies, DuPlain said that companies coming to the region as a result of the 2005 BRAC gains to Wright Patterson Air Force Base, which will be adding over 1,200 new jobs and $332 million in over 1M sf in new construction, should find this park, located 22 miles from the base, a great place to locate. 

The setting and area

This $7.65 million building was built by the Synergy, part of the Mills-Morgan Development company in 2007 as part of their speculative office plan (three buildings planned) in the Nextedge Applied Research + Technology Park.  Synergy does build-to-suit finishes.  It is in an open campus setting, with access to over 22 higher education institutions and 131,000 students as well as over 14,000 technology workers in the region. 

Property Type:  Class A Office Space
Secondary Type: R&D
Building Size: 55,572 sf
Total Space Avail: 28,782 sf
Annual Rent: $14.25/sf
Annual Op. Expense: $5.00/sf
Land Area: 4.96 ac
Lot Dimensions:
Year Built:  2007
Parking: 376 lot spaces
Other Tenants: Qbase, SAIC, Spectra-Physics, NET Incubator
R/E Agent: Jason Rudzinski
Agency: Mark Fornes Realty
Email: jason@fornes.com
Phone: (937) 434-2000
Developer Contact: Ray Hagerman
Developer: The Nextedge Corporation
Email: rhagerman@nextedgepark.com
Phone: (937) 521-1920

>> Real Estate Agent Listing: http://bit.ly/1945iG
>> Synergy Building Systems profile of building: http://bit.ly/Wvuqv
>> Nextedge Park: www.nextedgepark.com
>> GIS Listing: http://bit.ly/m9oh8

>> 2008 article in SNS on NET Incubator: http://bit.ly/RFlAU
>> 2008 article on SAIC: http://bit.ly/8phL8
>> 2008 article in DDC mag on Nextedge: http://bit.ly/10axua
>> 2008 Rotary speech by Ray Hagerman: http://bit.ly/leQQ2
>> 2007 DDN article on Qbase locating in building: http://bit.ly/yizwZ
>> 2006 DBJ article on Mills-Morgan’s plans: http://bit.ly/Hn0Wp
>> Enterprise Zone agreement: http://bit.ly/UZZrZ

>> Property Listing Terms of Use: http://tinyurl.com/sepropterms


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