Klosterman bakery profiled in TV show this week

Klosterman Bakery - Springfield, OH (taken by David Zak)

Klosterman Bakery - Springfield, OH (taken by David Zak)

Klosterman and the “Our Ohio” show on public television

The Klosterman Bakery Company, a large Midwestern bakery with an operation in Springfield, OH, is being featured this week in an episode of Our Ohio, an Ohio Farm Bureau (OFB) produced TV show broadcast on public television.  “Our Ohio” is the communication brand for the OFB, the largest general farm organization in Ohio with over 230,000 members, and uses a TV series, magazine, and Web site to get the connect consumers and agricultural producers.  

Klosterman’s history and Springfield, OH bakery

The Klosterman Bakery Company established their Springfield operation in 1984, when they purchased the site at 508 W. Main St. in downtown Springfield for a reasonable half a million and built one of their now four key bakeries.  The over 100,000 sf facility is valued at over $1.6M and employs over 100.  Klosterman’s recipes date back to 1848 when Frau Klausterman was being given medals from the King of Prussia for her bread.  Still privately-owned by the fifth generation of Klostermans (the name was Americanized), the American company is headquartered in Cincinnati and continues to supply breads and rolls to restaurants and institutions as it started doing in the 1892 when it was founded.  The company operates four bakeries in the Midwest, including one in Morristown, Indiana; Cincinnati, Ohio; Springfield, Ohio; and the newest one–Springboro, Ohio—which was established in 2005 and received a $125,000 Job Creation Tax Credit from the State of Ohio.

Klosterman’s size and innovation

Klosterman is now a $48M company with over 600 employees, making it one of the largest family-owned bakeries in the midwest.  It produces more than 300 varieties of bread and buns, and in 2007 was the first bakery in the country to introduce the 12-ounce half loaf of bread.  Klosterman’s innovation is not unique.  It was the first in the region to produce a square loaf of bread, brown and serve rolls, and buns packaged in plastic wrap. 

Distribution and customers

Its business is evenly divided between restaurants and grocery stores.  Through distributors in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia such as Sysco, GFS, US Food Service, Mattingly Foods and others, it has supplied over 4,000 restaurants, groceries, hospitals and schools, including customers such as Applebee’s, Bob Evans, McDonald’s, Rally’s, TGI Friday’s, and Steak & Shake.  Given the tendency towards consolidation in the industry (ala Interstate Bakeries and Sara Lee), it is one of the few successful regional bakeries and a great success story.

 Company website: www.klostermanbakery.com
Clark County GIS property listing (Springfield, OH): http://tinyurl.com/lwew6p
Company profile on Indeed: http://tinyurl.com/lb2qbr
Company profile on monster.com: http://tinyurl.com/ledm6m
DBJ article on Springboro facility: http://tinyurl.com/mazl4n
ODOD press release on Springboro loan: http://tinyurl.com/kmtpke

Our Ohio: http://ourohio.org/
Ohio Farm Bureau: http://ofbf.org/


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