All NLRB union elections in Springfield OH MSA (since 2000)

This data comes from the National Labor Relations Board (  In particular, the analysis was done from the Election Reports available here:  In the Springfield OH MSA (Clark County), there have been 16 union elections in the last decade.  Overall, the elections have gone down at a rate of almost 2 to 1.  Overall, 10 have failed and 6 have succeeded.  In manufacturing, none of the elections have been successful since 2001. 

Date Union Manufacturing/Distribution Result For Agt
Jul-07 IAM Auto Truck Transport LOST 3 3
Jan-07 IBT Eby-Brown LOST 85 173
Apr-03 IBT M & M Restaurant Supply LOST 22 27
Dec-02 IBT Reiter Springfield LOST 28 110
Nov-00 IUEW Dole Fresh Vegetables WON 14 2
Nov-00 IBT O-Cedar Brands LOST 90 183
Nov-00 IBT R & M Materials Handling LOST 28 28
    Total Votes in Mfg./Dist.   270 526
Jun-07 UFCW CVS Pharmacy WON 10 0
Sep-00 UFCW CVS Pharmacy WON 6 0
    Total Votes in Retail   16 0
Dec-06 IBT I.O.O.F. Home of Ohio, Inc. LOST 0 3
May-04 UFCW Consumer Support Services LOST 20 22
Feb-02 ANA Springfield Reg. Med. Center LOST 127 212
    Total Votes in Healthcare   147 237
Dec-08 IUOE Enon Sand and Gravel LLC WON 4 1
Jan-02 UWUA Columbia Gas of Ohio, Inc. LOST 11 18
Jan-01 UWUA Columbia Gas of Ohio, Inc. LOST 2 4
    Total Votes in Util./Const.   17 23
Nov-00 SPFPA Wittenberg University WON 9 1
    Total Votes in Gov./Edu.   9 1
    Total Votes in All Industries 459 787

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