Woeber Mustard’s exports soar; Springfield beats NY

Woeber's #1 Export - Yellow American Mustard

Woeber's #1 Export - Yellow American Mustard

In anticipation of Woeber Mustard’s open house on Friday, May 29, I am writing a second blog post on Woeber.  The first post concentrated on their expansion, this one their products and living in Springfield.  First post: http://tinyurl.com/sewoeber1

Strong Exports, Good Domestic Sales

Woeber’s distributes their product worldwide.  It has been shipping overseas for at least a decade but that aspect of the business began growing “dramatically” in the last two years.   Chris Woeber, Project Manager, attributed it in part to the weak dollar but also to a change in tastes, particularly in England.  “They want something spicy, and we make a lot of products like that,” he said.  They also have developed a taste for yellow, or what they call American mustard, and Woeber leads the marked there for that product.  Woeber’s also distributes its product to Middle and Far Eastern countries.  Domestically, they are primarily in the Midwest, East, North and Southeast with some distribution in the west.  They are in such major groceries as Wal-Mart, Kroger, Giant, Publix, Wegmans and HEB.  People who can’t find a product at their grocer can order it online at http://www.Woebermustard.com.

 New Products, New Tastes

 The company also continually looks to add to its product line. A recent addition was a Wasabi mustard and Wasabi sauce, typically used with sushi. If it sees a new trend or taste developing, Woeber’s reacts with its own product.  In the past year, they started making their own vinegar in house instead of buying it from an outside supplier. The vinegar is sold as a product and used as an ingredient in their other foods.

Private Labeling Important Part of Business

In addition to developing, packaging and delivering their own line of products, Woeber works with private labelers in doing everything from developing a product for the customer or simply taking their ingredients and bottling and labeling it for them.   A customer might come to them and say “we want to develop a specialty mustard, what do we need to do.”   Woeber’s will help them develop, package, label and ship the product.

 Chris and Karen Woeber love it in Springfield

Chris Woeber (31) is a Project Manager and fourth-generation family member at the company.  His father Richard is vice president, and his uncle Raymond is president.  He remembers going to the plant on Madison Avenue as a five- or six-year-old and working there through his youth, but the Catholic Central High School and Ithaca College graduate wasn’t sure about his future.   “I wanted to move around a little bit and try other options before committing,” he said.   After living in New York City for six years where he met his wife Karen, a lifelong resident of the Big Apple, he was working in advertising promoting Warner Brothers movie releases when he decided to return in 2005.  How did his wife adapt after growing up in New York?  “She loves it here,” he said.

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