$15M Ohio Air National Guard base expansion

First reported on our Twitter on May 12, the Springfield Air National Guard Base broke ground on May 11 for two new buildings at a cost of $15M, including a 35,000 sf Armed Forces Reserve center and a 19,000 sf Field Maintenance Shop.  Both are situated on about 30 acres of ground.  These two facilities will replace an older facility along State Route 72 and I-70.  More than 200 troops will occupy the center from two Ohio Army National Guard units, HQ and HQ Company, Special Troops Battalion and Company C, Special Troops Battalion, 37th Infrantry Brigade Combat.  The Army Reserve Area Mainenance Support Activities will occupy the mainenance shop.

At the base, the 178th Fighter Wing (FW) of the Ohio Air National Guard occupies 113.6 acres of leased land on the Springfield-Beckley Municipal Airport. The mission of the 178th FW is to train future fighter pilots and occupies 8 administrative, 25 industrial, and 6 services buildings totaling approximately 336,330 square feet with 409 full-time personnel.

>>Springfield News-Sun article: http://tinyurl.com/pg453r
>>Ohio National Guard Website: http://www.ong.ohio.gov/
>>Ohio Air National Guard Press Release: http://tinyurl.com/oe4239
>>178th Fighter Wing Website: http://www.178fw.ang.af.mil/
>>Article on 178th Fighter Wing: http://tinyurl.com/pq6rgk
>>Interesting article on the Ohio Sabers (178th Fighter Wing): http://www.jakemelampy.net/ohiosabers.html
>>162nd Fighter Squadron (Wikipedia): http://tinyurl.com/rxrdg5
>>Video of the 162nd Fighter Squadron: http://tinyurl.com/r3o4uw


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  1. […] I did a separate post on the changes with BRAC to the Dayton/Springfield region (http://bit.ly/sebrac).  10,000 new jobs in the military, while manufacturing, whose jobs declined in number 46/47% (around 7,000) for Springfield (more than any other metro in Ohio), looks to continue that trend both in Ohio (17.7% decline projected) and in the Dayton area (24.6% decline projected) through 2016.  No, manufacturing is not dead, and indeed, I work with manufacturers that are growing, but there is more than enough current workforce to meet the demand.  Manufacturing nationally is expected to decline by 10.6%.  In Ohio, the decline is projected higher, at 17.7%.  Some industries that are expected to lose more than 25% include iron and steel mills (40% decline projected), rubber products, metals, foundries, motor vehicle parts, household appliances, and glass.  Total manufacturing job losses predicted for Ohio by 2016 =  140,000.  It’s also important for Springfield to talk about the Ohio Air National Guard base, which is in the midst of a $15 million expansion. […]

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